NOT NORMAL: Oregon Rancher Killing Highlights Police State Dehumanization


(Truthstream Media) The guy never even had a speeding ticket…

We live in a technocratic scientific dictatorship police state. Humanity is being dehumanized so fast they do not even realize it.

Police state killings like this one have become such a regular occurrence, such a regular sight that everyone casually discusses them like they would discuss hairstyles or what to have for lunch. I remember a time, not even that long ago, when we weren’t absolutely desensitized to seeing police footage of people being gunned down and killed right before our eyes, many times with no justifiable reason. These videos come out on an almost daily basis now, and people just sit around casually discussing whether or not the person “deserved” to die like they aren’t even talking about how they just watched another human being get killed in real life.

These are people. They had families and friends and names. These aren’t movies with paid actors like you watch in a theater and buy the DVD later. This is reality. It’s insane.

Don’t let this become normal to you. Don’t become desensitized and accept this as normal. It. Is. Not.

Check out this footage for even better resolution here.

Finicum family attorney Todd Macfarlane speaks out on this “standoff pageantry” and “security theater” here and also read his post on Sibel Edmonds’ site.

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