Obama: You’re a Conspiracy Theorist if You Think He Wants to Confiscate Your Guns


(Truthstream Media) And here I thought the system couldn’t surprise me anymore…

Just days after announcing more executive action on gun control, last night CNN hosted a town hall which featured President Obama answering questions about guns.

This comment from rocketmunkey1 sums it up: “I love it when they pretend to oppose themselves to spark a false debate, it’s like when movies patronize their viewers by spelling out the plot in big capital letters with a contrived conversation between characters. I wonder if his awkward response is part of the script or just the fact he hasn’t got his auto-cue.”

This is definitely a highly publicized puppet show with a purpose…

Yes. The establishment felt the need to go there. Watch this:

Obviously people are waking up to the tyranny, and The Powers that Shouldn’t Be know it and felt the need to directly address it. There is hope yet…



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