What Happens When Cops Pull Over the Elite in America Vs. the Rest of Us

Documenting the Downfall

(Truthstream Media) Today, we live in a full-fledged, militarized police state where the average American gets nervous driving in traffic as soon as they notice a cop in the rear view mirror, even though the person hasn’t done anything wrong and is simply just trying to travel freely from one place to another.

Innocent people being brutalized or dying at the hands of twitchy police during traffic stops is sadly not uncommon here — we hear about it every day in the news. A thousand people have died by police so far in America just this year. Everyone knows how late the hour is…

Meanwhile, this video shows you what a traffic stop looks like when someone in the upper American echelon, such as a former Governor and Bilderberg attendee, gets stopped by a cop after breaking numerous traffic laws.

The comparison made here is not even remotely close. If a traffic stop had happened in the movie “They Live,” it would look like this. “OH, I’m so SORRY, I didn’t see your face, sir…”

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