Coming Soon… the Horror… of Daylight Saving Time (Dun Dun DUN!)

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(Truthstream Media) Tonight we’re supposed to “fall back” an hour for daylight saving time (unless, of course, you live somewhere in Arizona).

Yet another moment it gets hammered home just how arbitrary reality is…

We live in a world we they “give us” an hour at one part of the year after they “take away” an hour from us another part of the year.

Step outside of yourself for a moment and consider how silly that sounds.On a side note as mentioned above, most of Arizona does not observe daylight saving. They just don’t. There is also Indiana – the home of Eli Lilly — where most of the state did not observe it prior to 2006. These two states are and have been politically controlled by the family that fmr. VP Dan Quayle belongs to… namely his maternal grandfather, the publishing magnate Eugene Pulliam (who also reportedly held at one time controlling, or substantially large shares in Eli Lilly).

Notice how this article mentions that the reasons Arizona & Indiana don’t observe the time change is due to Eugene Pulliam personally refusing to comply with it:
Eugene C. Pulliam , who was the longtime owner and publisher of the Arizona Republic and the Indianapolis Star.

The acquisition is the end of the long reign of the Pulliam family, the descendants of the company founder, Eugene C. Pulliam, a conservative publishing clan whose members include Dan Quayle, the Republican former vice president. The family has long been a political force in Indiana and Arizona — indeed, one investment banker pointed out that neither state observes daylight time ”because Eugene Pulliam always refused to change his clock.”
How’s that for personal/dynasty power? (Probably also enough to purchase a Vice Presidency, eh?)

(H/T: Marc James Levesque)

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