Mainstream Media Touting “Unconfirmed Reports” Russia Just Accidentally Bombed Iran


(Truthstream Media) Just when the Obama Administration was upstaged and embarrassed by Putin’s decision to bomb ISIS and take care of the work in Syria the United States claimed to be handling…

U.S. officials are claiming that Russia has accidentally dropped missiles in Iran (allegedly missing their targets in Syria) – curiously bringing another “enemy” into the drama – and spinning the narrative to condemn the actions of Russia (and take focus off of its own obvious blunders).

This is propaganda in action. In fact, if we taught a course specifically on mainstream media propaganda, we’d use this clip from CNN today as a perfect example.

Moscow is denying this and no one at the U.S. State Dept. is confirming it at this time… but look at how they run with it like it’s a fact (and even use the word “fact”) when this is, by definition, no such thing.

How they can call this “news” with a straight face is their real talent.

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