Hoax? “Clock Kid” Is Still a Thought Crime

Documenting the Downfall

In the week since Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a “hoax bomb” to school, there have been cries that A) the whole entire thing was a psyop, fake from start-to-finish, meaning everyone from the family to school authorities to the police were all “in on it” (and that I should have known this) and B) that Mohamed deserved the school’s reaction and to be arrested for his clock case.

In that fray, I did a report which was focused on the school’s reaction (and not on Ahmed’s ethnicity). You can find it here.

I just wanted to say a few things on this story before I drop it forever, because more important things are happening in the world.

When I put this video up, it was before every politician including Obama and Hillary jumped on it for pure exploitation purposes.

We all know Obama’s invitation to the White House is a ridiculous bit of PR considering that if Ahmed showed up at the White House with that clock case, Secret Service would’ve probably tackled him to the ground and he’d be arrested immediately (if not shot).


And we all know that if Ahmed lived in Yemen, he and his family would be dodging Obama’s drone strikes which have killed more innocent civilians in that country than al Qaeda has (who are supposedly the justification for these strikes in the first place).

Hillary is no better and her Tweet to Ahmed is laughable, too. Here is she in a video laughing about bombing Iran, something she made sure to reiterate she’d be all about at a recent Brookings appearance. Of course, she also laughs when people get kidnapped by Somali pirates or when people get lynched because of her. She’s a total psychopath. At least she can say she’s an expert on fear.

When I put this video up, it was before officials released the picture of the “hoax bomb” (which is why it isn’t in my video).


This picture, that was released later on in the day, shows the thing dumped over and splayed out so it looks even “scarier” I’m guessing, but in reality the principal of Ahmed’s school said from the beginning he thought it looked like a “movie bomb”.

We all know movie bombs aren’t real.

I stand by my original opinion. Look at that thing. Nothing to go “boom” here. It has a 9-volt battery hook up. It’s obviously not a real bomb, and the school knew it was never a real threat because if they thought it was for even half a second, they would have immediately evacuated everyone, locked the school down, and called in the bomb squad post haste. Helicopters might still be flying over the place giving 24/7 live news coverage today.

It didn’t happen. The reason this story bothered me is because the school’s focus was more about what they claimed were Ahmed’s “intentions” with this clock — what amounts to thought crime — and their insistence he was trying to scare people with a fake bomb even after he repeatedly said over and over and over that he wasn’t.

Police are supposed to investigate crimes, not arrest people first and ask questions later.

When I put this video up, my point was about the way the school and police handled it.

Yes, I know who Ahmed’s dad is. So do the police. That’s probably why one of the officers said, “Yup, that’s who I thought it was,” when Ahmed was brought in for questioning about the clock at the school. Does that mean the whole thing from all sides is a set up?

If it was a set up, I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe the school and police were also “in on it”.

Why? Because I’m a mother who has lived in Texas for over three years and I have had my fair share of dealing with the scaremongering overreactions and ignorance of some of the schools here. When I first saw this story — in local media in Texas before it went national, mind you — I thought it was absolutely ridiculous the way this was handled.

Question the kid and confiscate his contraption, fine. Arrest him for a complete non-threat based on his perceived ill “intentions”? Really??

Since I’ve lived here, I have had one of my own kids terrified in a ridiculous lockdown at her school (see video posted below from a few years ago) over a non-threat (they never let a good crisis go to waste). I have also reported on how she was forced to write about what it would be like to be trapped in one of the twin towers, knowing she was going to die on 9/11 as a school assignment, even though she was a baby when the September 11 attacks happened. Austin is home to a public preschool that looks more like a prison, complete with electronic gates, bars on the windows, and eye-in-the-sky surveillance cameras everywhere (here’s our video on that place, too).

Most recently we were told by a school principal here — not a teacher, mind you, but the principal — that our job description quote “sounds like espionage”.

Espionage: the only crime in this country that isn’t murder which is still punishable by death.

Yep. Because I’m critical of the government. Because I work in the alt media and I don’t readily believe and parrot everything I’m told by the establishment, CNN, and Fox News. That is the level of sheer ignorance I have faced as a mother dealing with Texas public schools.

So when I first saw Ahmed’s story, I wasn’t coming at it as someone who wants to play an Islamophobia divide-and-conquer card (which is obviously what happened in the days after the story broke nationally and the way they are using this story to push people’s buttons). Watch my video again, which was recorded before all that happened. Ahmed’s ethnicity is barely mentioned at all.

My report was all about the way the school reacted, which I still think is utterly ridiculous. Hoax bomb set up or not, the school’s overreaction is my issue. Thought crime is my issue. If it was a set up, it was pretty clever and done because they knew the school would overreact this way and they wanted to play on it for political gain. It still doesn’t make the school and police response rational, normal, justified, or even okay.

The real question: Should our schools be charging kids with thought crimes?

All over America, kids are being suspended and arrested and given psychological evaluations for bringing Hello Kitty bubble guns to school, making “finger guns”, and even biting a toaster pastry into the shape of a gun. Active shooter and terror drills are terrifying our kids. Today’s students are still being “educated” in government propaganda mill fear factories that pass for public schools. That is what’s getting overlooked here so people can fight with each other over ethnicity, which again, plays directly into the establishment’s divide-and-conquer race baiting agenda. (P.S. – #AllLivesMatter)

Do I think the school is “in on it”? No, because sadly, this is simply how our schools are these days. Pretty soon even mentioning a clock will be perceived as a threat the way things are going.

Our children are guilty until proven innocent in an Orwellian nightmare, and now people are claiming it’s awesome the school responded this way in Ahmed’s case because they’re getting mired in race war B.S. Seriously?? They knew it wasn’t a bomb; they knew there was no threat. Don’t lose focus here. This isn’t about a bomb threat, it is about a thought crime. Wait until your kid is targeted for thought crimes. It happens every day in this country’s public indoctrination centers. You won’t think it’s so great then. Quit begging Big Brother for more tyranny, please.

And if Obama really cared, why didn’t he invite, say, Florida high school student Kiera Wilmot to the White House? She was expelled and arrested on felony charges last year (although the charges were later dropped) after her botched science experiment exploded. Guess it’s because she was black and not Muslim?

All these people who say this only happened because Ahmed is Muslim don’t realize how hypocritical that is.

NO, the only reason this story blew up in the national media is because that kid is Muslim. If the kid had been anything else: white, Asian, Indian, Eskimo, black, purple, glow-in-the-dark, blue with pink stripes — the school still would’ve overreacted this way and the police still would’ve charged him with what basically amounts to a thought crime.

The difference is hardly anyone would be talking about it at all.

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