Are Human Beings Programmable? Dr. José Delgado and Control of the Mind


Truthstream Media | When I post this, I’m really marking it in hopes of getting around to watching it later, and meanwhile putting it forward for your attention as well. But really, what better question than this to address in terms of where we stand on the independence scale.

Think Congress and Wall Street are screwing us over? … Then consider how far secret societies and philosophies have run with the ball through today? Are you free? Do you express your opinions? Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Does your vote count?

The capabilities of the Scientific Dictatorship trump all of that… and free will hangs in the balance of a troubling and wrecked landscape of experimentation and the sophisticated refinement of technological control over human beings.

Mark Passio on Dr. José Delgado, the Brain Chip and Free Will + Human Beings Are Programmable

The Brain Chip and the Transhumanist Agenda playlist –…
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