Camp Hero: Secret Site of the Montauk Project Experimentation


(Truthstream Media) We took a trip out to the very end of Long Island in Montauk, New York to the little-known, little-advertised Camp Hero State Park. Camp Hero is a former military installation where some say government experiments in everything from mind control to stargates and time travel secretly took place in the 1970s and early 1980s. Today it’s open as a “park,” but this place is no kind of park we’ve ever been to… From broken glass, crumbling buildings and an eerie emptiness and void of visitors, something seemingly does not add up at Camp Hero State Park, though it does leave an impression of the secretive military base and satellite monitoring station that once was. The massive FPS-35 SAGE radar installation, once used for air defense early warning (and perhaps other things), is a stunning relic, and the last of its kind anywhere in the country, even as it slowly falls apart in the salty air of the Atlantic coast. Something else is in the air, too, but what?

In this video, we discuss the very odd occupants of Camp Hero’s fisherman lot — where we were quickly greeted by some guys posing as fisherman, but who instead appeared to be unofficial snoops (quizzing us with several nosy questions) for the powers that be behind the park.

There is to the story, as you might imagine. Many say there is still secret work going on in the underground… and there may be reasons to substantiate these stories.

Truthstream will report more on what we found in the future.

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