The Military’s Ridiculous $5 Million Microwave Radiation Safety Study

Documenting the Downfall

(Truthstream Media) On a field trip. Been reading about how we never really got an honest safety study on microwave radiation after WWII… Big surprise.

There are lots of details explaining why the public has not been made aware of the dangers of microwaves, ELF and other frequencies that are used silently and invisibly, but suffice to say that the establishment is not interested in the population being made aware of the control measures being used against it, the fences surrounding it and the lengths taken to keep us all in the dark.

ALSO: Check Out This Piece of Crap Fake Tree Cell Tower

So there are lots of hidden and disguised cell towers that have been exposed out there, but this one was just a bit too conspicuous not to call it out for the monstrosity it is… something we saw traveling through Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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