Weapons of Mass Distraction: What Happened While the Media Pointed You in the Other Direction

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(Truthstream Media) This week in the creeping horror…

Truthstream News 5: Weapons of Mass Distraction

Melissa has uncovered and compiled what is perhaps a master template for phony events and terror – how to rule using weapons of mass distractions, by using big media events to cover up and draw attention away from important policies and potentially damaging leaks about the ruling figures of our world.

Meanwhile, just about everything you held as sacred about science is being revealed to be a calculated fraud, all while robots and technology are taking your job and learning you good about how to behave in the globalist society. Take heart to these important events, and don’t forget to laugh at the absurdity of it all!

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This week… They’re going to ram the TPP down our throats if it takes a mass shooting distraction to do it. It’s not like that hasn’t happened 12 other times in the last few years either… It’s not like they use weapons of media mass distraction to change the national narrative every single time the people in charge want to make something in the news conveniently disappear… It only happens again and again and again and again and again and… PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE!

In this episode:

• It’s Kinda Like…: Melissa scours over some of the most nerve wracking examples of mass distraction, where the media reacted to sensational events while the real business was carried out quietly, under cover of alleged threats, killings, bombings, celebrity exploits, cultural flashpoints and political drama. Those in power will do anything to keep the masses from looking too closely at what is taken at face value as “news” and “facts” while power brokers make deals undermining the economy, sovereignty, our opportunities and ultimately our future.

• News in Brief – The Friday Bad News Dump: How do top politicians and power moguls bury bad news? Research shows they have fined tuned their tactics, and learned to hide misdeeds and scandals in plain sight during distracitons and “low value” news days — such as Fridays, during holidays and while everyone is staring at big, bad news stories. Basically, it is a borrowed magicians trick to misdirect, deceive and dazzle the audience.

• Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and a future that really needs us – the elite swear!: Google chairman Eric Schmidt swears that the takeover of robotics, AI and computers won’t kill jobs and undermine the place of people in society. Instead, progressive taxation and automated, thinking machines will make us all “smarter.” There’s a no brainer… much like the zombie apocalypse.

• Scientific Fraud – Half of All Peer-Reviewed Research is %$!$*#!@: We have entrusted our body of knowledge, our progress in science and technology and the safety of our society to researchers, supposedly bound to pursuing the truth and checked by strict standard of peer-reviewed research. But new comments editors at top academic research journals – including the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine – reveal a different story… namely that industry collusion, blatant conflicts of interest, impotent scientific curiosity and outright scientific fraud have made published, peer reviewed research unreliable at best, and at worst a cruel joke on the masses who are controlled by laughably bad fake research that instructs society’s professionals.

• Science for Sale: Need help selling your product to society? Legitimacy and influence are a snap, with a few weird tricks for dominating scientific circles and making people believe your power. Money greases the skids of all great discoveries… really.

• Super Awesome Glam Make Up Tutorial: At the height of fashion, Melissa shows how to achieve the best make up looks with the most toxic chemicals, using level 10 known and probable human carcinogens, heavy metals and endocrine disruptors to hide blemishes and flaws, while blending potential harmful chemicals into a dangerously beautiful face for a night on the town. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!

• Drones for Sport: The best views at any sporting event, city festival or mass gathering is now in the friendly, consumer tech afforded by a cheap drone. There goes the glowing green dot over the skies, and somewhere down that path, our future at the hands of automated technology and many all seeing eyes.

Training for Takeover? A black hawk military helicopter is seen touching down over and over and over ahead on a small town hobby airport, practicing for God only knows: a mass casualty drill, a rendition flight and detainee transfer or Jade Helm martial law scenario. Wait, I guess it is all just routine… nothing to see here, right?

And… more. So much of it. Thanks for tuning in!

P.S. — This program is not funded or directed by any outside sources; it represents the often difficult and dedicated work of two activists trying to understand, share, critique and change. Support of any kind — informational, spiritual or material — is greatly appreciated to keep this going!

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