A Government That Ignores Its Own Laws Is NOT a GOVERNMENT!

Documenting the Downfall

Editor’s Note: The article below was originally published in November 2012 just after Obama won reelection. The website it was published on, as far as we can tell, no longer exists as it did. There are breadcrumbs of it… but the original has apparently gone the way of the memory hole.

Considering how government tyranny has progressed, we thought it would be good to put this up again now for further consideration.

The points are even more valid today. To put it simply…

“This Is Not a Government”
By Liberty Legal Foundation

This morning a Christian radio commentator attempt to downplay the devastation Obama will bring to America over the next four years. The commentator was explaining how our government’s checks and balances prevent any president from doing too much damage to our nation. Unfortunately this commentator was assuming that American government still functions as it was intended to function. She was apparently unaware that our government no longer follows its own laws.

It is absolutely true that the Founding Fathers gave us a system of government that should have protected our nation from the excesses of any single president. However, the checks and balances, balance of powers, and other limitations enshrined in the Constitution, have all been ignored by our current government. Those checks and balances disappeared as soon as those in power realized that they could ignore the law and no one would do anything about it. This leaves America vulnerable to any tyrant capable of winning an election.

Now that the Constitution is completely ignored, elections determine what the bare majority can inflict upon the other 49% of the population. There are no restraints, no restrictions on governmental authority, no limitations on governmental power, no protection of inalienable rights. Four more years of Obama is scary ONLY because the government ignores the Constitution and BECAUSE there are no longer any separations of powers.

Earlier this year the U.S. Attorney General announced that the President had the legal authority to order the killing of any person, including a U.S. citizen, without trial. He explained that under certain circumstances, the President can order anyone outside America to be killed. Of course the circumstances are to be determined by Obama and his staff. No due process. No oversight. No appeal.

A few days after this announcement the Director of the FBI was questioned by a Congressional committee as to whether it applied to U.S. citizens within the borders of the U.S. His answer was that he would have to check the law. He DIDN’T say, “no, that would clearly be unconstitutional.” He DIDN’T say, “That would clearly violate the citizen’s right to not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.” He DIDN’T immediately respond by saying, “Hell NO, that would be murder.” The highest ranking government official in the federal government’s domestic law enforcement department said he wasn’t sure if the president had authority to unilaterally order the murder of an American citizen on American soil.

A government that ignores its own laws is NOT A GOVERNMENT!!!

It’s just a bunch of bullies asserting the power through coercion and threats. Our government now ignores its own laws. America, as established by God and our Founding Fathers, was a GREAT country. We must do whatever it takes to get it back. Our daily lives will get worse, MUCH worse, if we don’t throw off this outlaw band of bullies.

It seems that federal courts are determined to kill whatever remains of the Constitution. We must find a way to re-establish the rule of law.

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