School Locked Down After Child Caught Thinking About a Gun! (Satire)

Documenting the DownfallVideo

(Truthstream Media) Thought crime is already here. Coming soon to the police state near you, on the brainwashing children against our Second Amendment front, this is the next news report we expect to see.

Yes, we went ahead and put the word “satire” in the title… otherwise, the video above is so close to the reality we’re living in here in America that people might mistake it for having actually happened. Not that it won’t because it probably will.

Remember, in the UK, teachers are already on the lookout for toddler terrorists… Here, kids have been suspending for everything from finger guns to plastic pink bubble guns to toaster pastry “L” shapes that resemble guns (OHNONOTTHAT) to having a virtual gun as a computer desktop background…

So the question isn’t really if this will happen in America.

The question now is when.

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