Conspiracy Fact: The Miriam Carey Capitol Police Cover Up


by Melissa Melton | Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

redactedpolicereportScreen capture of one of the useless 322 pages of the Miriam Carey police report received by WND.

Remember the lady who claimed she was being gangstalked, hearing Obama’s voice in her head, and was shot five times from behind by capitol police after she supposedly “rammed” the White House gate (which later turned out to be not exactly true) with her baby in the car in 2013?

Well, here’s another question: aren’t police reports a matter of public record in this country?

Check out what WND received when they attempted to get a copy of the police report on the Miriam Carey case from capitol police. It’s basically a bunch of worthless, redacted pages with a lot of other stuff missing, including copies of security and traffic videos, police transcripts, and even basic things like witness statements… the list of what wasn’t included goes on and on (for a whopping 322 pages apparently).

Via WND:

The official police report into the death of Miriam Carey obtained by WND is riddled with blacked-out sections and missing information.

When the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department was ordered by the mayor’s officer to turn over the police report on the deadly shooting of the unarmed, suburban mother to WND, a police representative said only names would be redacted (blacked out), for purposes of privacy.

Instead —

  • 12 pages in the report are entirely blacked out
  • 15 are mostly blacked out
  • 22 pages are partially blacked out

(That tally does not include numerous blacked-out sections and pages that appear to be redacted to protect personal information that might identify the witnesses.)

Some of the blacked-out pages just include a heading marked “Evidence.”

Also missing —

  • Security and traffic camera videos
  • Police radio recordings or transcripts
  • Crime-scene photographs
  • Ballistics reports
  • Statements from the 4 officers who fired weapons
  • 38 witness statements
  • Verbatim transcripts of all the statements
  • The analysis of whether the shooting was justified
  • A summary of findings

(Read more at WND)

The Carey family’s attorney called the report (or lack of it) “stunning.” The Justice Department already ruled that the police didn’t have criminal intent or use excessive force in Carey’s death.

So what are they covering up exactly?

A false flag? A psyop with a little mind control technology sprinkled in for good measure?

Go back and look at what was going on on the national stage when this happened. It was the third day of the government shutdown which was angering lots and lots of Americans back in October 2013.

Someone sure wanted to divert national attention…

And look at what’s happened since in Ferguson and Baltimore, even for superficial comparison. When an unarmed black man is shot by police, particularly white police, the media, Al Sharpton and DOJ are relentlessly on top of the story to incite civil unrest.

However, when an intelligent, unarmed black suburban dental hygienist mom described as “one of the nicest people” is gunned down by Capitol Police and Secret Service after she makes a wrong turn with her baby in the car, and the Justice Department quietly excuses the murder, Al is nowhere to be found and the mainstream media is dead silent.

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