Behind the Illusions of Foreign Elections


(Truthstream Media) Looking behind the illusions of foreign elections is much like lifting up a rock and exposing an underworld of creeping, crawling insects.

You know that when you lift the rock you’re going to see some ugly things that you’d rather not look at but exposing the dark side of the rock to sunshine gives the rock a chance to cleanse itself as the bugs slither and scatter to find another place to hide.

Do you really think Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron won the UK elections? Actually, according to Politico, “Jim Messina Trounces David Axelrod in British Elections.”

I didn’t even know that Obama’s team was running for election in Britain, did you?

Politico continued, “At 9:21 a.m., Eastern Time on Friday in America, former top Obama aide David Axelrod conceded the U.K. election. ‘Congratulations to my friend @Messina2012 on his role in the resounding Conservative victory in Britain,’ Axelrod wrote on Twitter.”

In case you didn’t know, Messina was Obama’s 2012 campaign manager. Now in 2015, he helped a Conservative win in Britain? And Messina has also been “tapped to run a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC,” according to CNN.

Progressive Obama, Conservative Cameron, Progressive Clinton — obviously Messina isn’t loyal to a particular political side.

Reggie Love, who was once Obama’s body man, was also involved in helping the Conservatives win. Was Love doing Obama’s bidding or just getting a paycheck?

Meanwhile, Obama’s former senior political guru, David Axelrod, along with Larry Grisolano and Mike Donilon from Axelrod’s old firm, AKPD, tried to steer Ed Milliband and the Labour Party to a win.

Hmmm… Looks like Obama’s Hope and Change slogan did not hypnotize the British voters the way it did Americans who swooned mindlessly at those magic words.

No television advertising is allowed during the six weeks before British elections. Despite the lack of negative television ads that those of us in America get brainwashed with, Obama’s teams brought their usual modus operandi of personal attack tactics into the election arena.

“What I’m seeing in this election is the influence of these big American advisers and it’s becoming the most negative, personal and nasty campaign I’ve ever seen,” leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party Nigel Farage told a radio station prior to the election.

Why did Obama’s team work both sides of the UK elections? Why were they even involved in another country’s elections at all?

Behind the Curtain: The U.S. Meddles in Foreign Elections

It’s not the first time that the United States is intruded on UK elections. Prime Minister Tony Blair won elections with the help of Bill Clinton’s advisers. And the UK is not the only country where our president has been involved in the election process, either.

Obama’s people were also involved in Israel’s elections, which take about three months. A group led by Jeremy Bird, previous national field director for Barack Obama, failed at unseating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Apparently Israelis were not duped by Obama’s election campaign tactics. Are Americans the only fools to be taken in by Chicago-style politics?

Due to Obama’s strong feelings regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline, is there any possibility that he has people working away on his behalf in the upcoming Canadian elections to be held in October? Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau is already borrowing Obama’s methods, according to a recent Bloomberg Business article, “Trudeau Borrows Obama’s Playbook for Election Run at Harper“.

Trudeau’s method from the playbook? An Ipsos Reid pollster in Toronto, Darrell Bricker, said, “They’ve decided to find another way in, borrowed from the U.S. It’s the whole income inequality discussion.”

And Trudeau’s economic agenda definitely sounds quite familiar. His plans call for expanded federal government and increasing taxes for those who earn more money.

Speaking of money, Obama spent more than $200 million on Egypt’s election in 2011. According to the magazine Campaigns & Elections, the money went through “the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute.”

Just like Israel, Egypt didn’t actually go as Obama planned, but Obama doesn’t always lose foreign elections. Remember Michelle Obama’s highly ineffective Twitter hashtag campaign, #BringBackOurGirls?

Behind that smoke screen which kept media tongues wagging, Nigerian efforts to battle Boko Haram were undermined when Obama would not sell Nigeria weapons or needed supplies. (Remember this is the same Obama who gives military weapons to moderate rebels.) Obama also would not give Nigeria intelligence information from U.S. drones and he denied petroleum purchases from Nigeria.


Retired General Muhammadu Buhari was “reportedly being advised by the consulting firm of Obama’s election guru David Axelrod.” Accuracy in Media brought this little tidbit to light on back in March.

With Axelrod’s (and Obama’s) help, former military strongman Buhari won the election after his fourth attempt at a victorious campaign. And just like Barack Obama, President-elect Buhari congratulated Prime Minister David Cameron on Cameron’s win.

These examples are just the first few that come into view when pulling back the curtain and looking at who is really pulling the levers in world politics. With all the behind-the-scenes interference, do we really even have to ask if foreign elections are just an illusion like American elections?

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