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(Truthstream Media) On the first new episode of Truthstream News, we announced the Name Hillary’s Pathology Contest!

The top of the food chain is dominated by psychopaths and sociopaths. They assume high level positions of power in Washington, and throughout government, media, business and legal professions.

There are many shared traits, and psychopathy and sociopathy are often, confused, blurred or referred to interchangeably. Both display an essential lack of empathy for others, and the rules of the game, while sociopaths are believed to be ultimately the product of their environment – problems in childhood, neglect, behavioral issues, while psychopaths are believed to be born that way, representing a consistent percentage of society. The most troubling commonalities remain the lack of care for their wrongdoings and the people they hurt, and also their willingness to con and manipulate people to achieve their crooked aims – individually or in mass.

The psychopath has a particular penchant for operating with callous disregard and, simultaneously, heightened levels of emotional persuasion and – quite often – oozing charm. True psychos naturally mimic “normal” feelings and sentiments, often putting them on display with superficial or trite demeanor crafted to sucker in victims, followers and accomplices.

But it’s not as simple as psychopaths and sociopaths. This case involves traits from numerous personality disorders.

If you think you know what kind of pathology Hillary Clinton has, and what kind of person she really is, please write a detailed description identifying the most concerning traits that have followed her for her entire career for decades as a lawyer, politician, and public figure.

To enter, please submit – in 1,000 words or less – a warning to society about one of the creatures attempting to attain the highest office in the land. 

Send your entry to, or via snail mail to PO Box 1140, Hutto, Texas 78634.

Entries will be featured in an upcoming Truthstream News segment. The winner will receive an autographed (by us, not her) copy of Hillary’s best-selling, surely ghost-written book “It Takes a Village,” probably with little notes in the margins that we wrote like we’re in junior high or something. A runner up will also get a little random something, too. Probably a doodle of Hillary Aaron did one time in his nightmares…

So enter today. How much destruction to the country, its founding principles, and the people who live in this society is anyone’s guess. It may be up to you!

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