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(Rebuttal to Tony Brown’s trolling video below.)

Stream of consciousness by Aaron recorded all in one session; the majority of the clips filmed over four days deep in the Texas desert, then edited by Melissa.

(Archive film “Facts of Faith” by Moody Science can be watched in full here: https://vimeo.com/38979546.)


Melissa here. I am writing this because a Mr. Tony Brown put up a slanderous video about us on YouTube titled, “Truthstream Media Exposed – Melissa and Aaron Dykes” where he essentially tries to argue, from the candelabra shown in the first five seconds of the Crossroads video above, that we’re Jewish (untrue) and trying to hide it (also untrue since there is nothing to hide) and we never criticize zionism (again, untrue… seeing a pattern here?)

And thus, this means we’re zionist disinformation shills.

This entire red herring fallacy began when one of our viewers “Enginekid88,” left this comment on our video “The Elephant in the Room at the GOP debate”.

I saw it and thought, “huh?” Aaron isn’t Jewish. His family has been living in Texas going back to the 1700s and before that, I’m pretty sure they came over from England. Dykes is a British surname. I’m from straight German stock on both sides (Brandenburg on my mom’s side which was one of seven electoral states of the Holy Roman Empire going back to late medieval and early modern times) with what my mom says is Cherokee Indian mixed in at some point once they got over here.

As this untruth has been used as a red herring to attack us, our work, and even our families before, I lightly replied:

The menorah? Huh??

Um, no. Here’s an even better picture from our wedding just to clear this up:

See those candelabras up there? They came from the party rental store we got our reception tables from for an extra $15. We took them because they were cheap and we got married in an old, dark movie theater and we didn’t have a lot of ways to add lighting. One of the electric candlesticks even went missing the day before when we picked them up (see on the left there?), so it ended up looking kind of stupid anyway, but there ya go.

That’s it. That’s the big “controversy” that Tony Brown bases his entire zionist shill argument on.

Here’s a screenshot of what is shown in the Crossroads video above.

Now, being that we’re not Jewish, maybe I’m unclear, but I was under the impression that a menorah is shaped like an arc facing upward. Like this:

I also thought they had eight candles, not seven but I guess they can have both? Not sure (because, again, I’m not Jewish). Regardless, our candelabras were inverted… you know, aside from the fact that they were just some $15 rental we added for ambiance in a dark, windowless movie theater and not used for any ritual/ceremonial/religious purpose during our wedding at all. See the guy up there in the screen shot holding the Bible to my left? Yeah, he’s Aaron’s grade school friend who got licensed to perform weddings on the Internet just before our wedding.

Mr. Brown showed up in the comment thread claiming we pulled the video from our channel (which we never did) alluding to devious intentions, and the name calling began.

Name calling like we’re in elementary school aside, the video in question was never removed. Brown took it a step further and made a video claiming to “expose” us about our Crossroads video, and in it he basically argues we’re trying to hide our Jewish ancestry by taking down a video we actually never removed which does not have menorahs in it or even remotely depict a Jewish wedding ceremony and we don’t cover zionism.

We left replies on that video refuting it, but Mr. Brown deletes our comments… which begs the question of who is really hiding things here?

I would just let this go, but Google of course put that video the top of search results any time someone looks for us (you know, instead of our over 700 videos), likely on purpose in an attempt to discredit us considering Mr. Brown’s video only has 10k views (at the time of posting this anyway). Hateful people watch that video and send their hate our way. It’s pretty sad since it isn’t even based on reality and it just exists to attack us on baseless grounds with logical fallacies and create more division and hate…

Aside from that, this lie about Aaron’s heritage goes back to his days working with Jason Bermas at Infowars, and it has been used to threaten us repeatedly over the years. At one point, people posted the actual home addresses of Aaron’s family members, including his now deceased father, in a chat room and threatened to go burn their houses down for being “secretly Jewish” (which is, again, not true). Really messed up stuff.

I guess the idea is that if we don’t criticize zionism and the Israeli government in every video we post, we are in on some big secret plot? We have, by the way, made multiple videos criticizing the government of Israel and zionism including the video that started this whole debacle which ended up getting censored like they all do. Others include many of our ISIS/Syria videos exposing the obvious plot to remap the Middle East. Here are a few just off the top of my head: “The Mainstream Media’s Blind Spot in Gaza“, “Bilderberg Group Also Working to Remap the Middle East“, and the very first episode of our first attempt at a TSM Show titled, “New World Disorder”.

In the past, we have received everything from curses (yes, actual curses)

Is it even a real curse if you manage to spell the person’s name wrong TWICE?

to death threats in our email and any videos we put up on these topics pretty much always get censored on YouTube straight away, which was what I was generally talking about. After watching Mr. Brown’s video, I have to say I’m not entirely sure what Tony Brown is talking about.

His video is nothing more than a red herring/ad hominem attack based on false information to try and discredit legitimate research by attacking the researchers.

Hey, maybe he’ll see this and post another video admitting he was wrong?

We won’t hold our breath…

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