A System Where We’re All Merely Cogs in a Broken Machine, Nothing More

Love > Fear

(Truthstream Media) This cartoon doesn’t have any dialogue. It doesn’t need any.

We literally live in a world where we are told the antonym to magic is “reality.”



Didn’t you have that feeling when you were little that you were going to grow up to be something special? Then did you? If you feel like you didn’t, have you ever stopped to ask yourself who took that away from you?

We weren’t meant to fill an increasingly shrinking space and waste time filling our lives with intrinsically worthless junk while simultaneously being sucked dry of our energy and resources by an evil, corrupt system.

Most people who walk around in a zombie daze in this country and most of the industrialized world wake up to play out the exact scene portrayed in the cartoon above every day (except maybe on the weekends when people get to numb themselves with bread and circuses, beer and football and mindless consumerism in preparation for another pointless week back at the rat races).

We have all been shoved into a box, first at the indoctrination centers which we call “schools” and then for many of us as adults at “work”.

In this country, we live in a society of industrial complexes based on human suffering. A criminal justice system based primarily on extortion, not safety or justice. A medical industrial complex based on ripping out people’s organs and filling them full of dangerous, expensive chemicals, not allowing for real cures or finding causes. A media industrial complex that lies to us and preys on our emotions. A highly industrialized food system based not on nutrition, but empty, genetically modified garbage and tortured animals leading to illness and disease. A military-industrial complex that goes to endless, preemptive, barbarous wars. An educational system based on churning out little mindless drones who cannot possibly be capable of their own critical thoughts, people who will grow up and continue to feed themselves into these other industrial complexes like lemmings walking off the same cliff.

Oh, and a tyrannical government filled with self-serving, apathetic psychopaths who smile at you while they run it all.

But more and more people are starting to wake up and realize just how tiny the box they’ve been shoved into really is.

More and more people are starting to realize that box isn’t even really there, and that it never was.

So… what are you doing with your life today?

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