Hillary Tells Journalists Not to Use These 13 Words… Because They Are ‘Coded Sexism’


(Truthstream Media)

Over confident.
Will do anything to win.
Represents the past.
Out of touch.

These aren’t words representing a power-hungry individual seeking the highest office in the land at any cost.

Apparently, they are “coded” “sexist” terms of discrimination. You know, because all women are like that.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick tweeted not long ago after she was told by the Hillary Clinton “Super Volunteers” that these terms are now “off limits” to journalists in writing about the anointed one because it is apparently part of an effort to keep women down.

We’ve also been told that using her first name is sexist!

These Hillarites ominously warned that they would be keeping:

“We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism…”

Now a street artist has launched a campaign featuring words from the Orwellian “Don’t Say” effort plastered alongside Hillary’s face – you know, to make sure people don’t think those things about her… or any woman.

And watch what you say… Big Sister and her spies are watching.

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