White House Releases Photo of Obama Posed with a Rainbow, Confirms How Dumb They Think You All Are

Box Of Fail

(Truthstream Media) This is the decrepit, dirty basement level the White House just stooped to:

For some reason, I thought they finally gave up on that whole “hope and change” propaganda bit once the majority of the people who voted for Obama realized it was utter bullshit. I guess not.

They must actually think the majority of America really is this utterly, mind numbingly stupid.

So yes, they actually are still peddling that Obama as the messiah farting rainbows horse manure. Really? Are the sparkly unicorns and kitten wishes coming next?

What’s the tagline? A pot of welfare (in lieu of gold) at the end of every American’s rainbow? The comments, by the way, show that no, most people aren’t as dumb as the White House thinks they are which actually does inspire hope:

and of course, just as I said…

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