Our Five-Day Juice Fast Challenge Starts This Weekend!

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Hey guys,

Mel here. Aaron and I have decided that today we would start a juice fast challenge. We plan to continue it for five days, but we are putting up videos about it all weekend long on our official YouTube channel for our sister site, Nutritional Anarchy.

You can read more about our challenge here.

We’ll continually add to the playlist all weekend long and into next week here.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

And Aaron is working on editing another video as we speak, then it’ll be my turn again.

All weekend long we’ll be talking about food, health, and of course, juicing and detoxifying our bodies.

Some people asked why we can’t just always talk about the news. I suspect most people who always talk about the news and nothing else are probably very unhappy inside because, let’s face it, the news always sucks.

Aside from that, sometimes we need to talk about solutions. We can’t just always run around like chickens with our heads cut off screaming that the sky is falling. We have to empower ourselves, detoxify our bodies and minds from this poisonous matrix, and make our world a better place (both locally and globally).

Please join us over at Nutritional Anarchy’s official YouTube Channel on what Aaron swears will be fun but I think will be more like me trying not to sob in the fetal position or attack the refrigerator with a spear.

Any positive thoughts/energy, love, and advice will be greatly appreciated! Should be fun… or… I dunno, alternately very hard to watch.

Love you guys,

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