VIDEO: Mr. and Mrs. Consumer, Do You Ever Feel That Things Are Out of Control?

Documenting the DownfallVideo

(Truthstream Media)

Not sure what this video is, actually. Random clips we make at random shopping moments. A mere observation? A larger statement on our consumerist times? A weird venture into shopping with Truthstream? It’s never a dull moment…

The more clearly we see the matrix, the stranger the world becomes to us, and the more the false reality construct fades away into absurdity. And it is awfully absurd.

All of this useless and potentially dangerous crap is absurd. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we fill our bodies and our living spaces full of chemicals and junk? Why do we give our power and self-esteem over to advertisers? Why did we replace our spirituality and connection to God and our own souls with scientific materialism?

Some things just go too far… consumerism went too far a long time ago.

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