Did the FCC Sing Kumbaya After They Passed Net Neutrality?

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(Truthstream Media)

Yay for oligarchical collectivism!

So the FCC passed Obama’s net neutrality, opening the door to not only government regulation of the Internet but eventual censorship, including everything down to this website you are on right now. Oh and the guy running it, Tom Wheeler, has been a huge corporate lobbyist for cable, wireless, and Internet companies in addition to being a fervid (yes, fervid) Obama supporter.


Watch the video above for the moment it was passed. The guy acts like he just walked on the moon while single-handedly saving everyone from a giant asteroid and cancer in one gavel strike, all because a “majority” of three out of a total panel of five unelected bureaucrats have closed the final frontier of the Internet.

And then they all held hands afterwards, like this.

I wonder if they sang Kumbaya, too.

Oh, and by the way, Wheeler kept the 332-page draft secret from the other members of the commission until just a few weeks before they voted on it. And George Soros and the Ford Foundation contributed nearly $200 million dollars towards its passage, even buying some proponents for the White House staff.

This is modern day America. If you like your Internet, do you really think you’ll get to keep it? And yes, of course prices will go up. The price for any new regulation is always passed on to the consumer.

Here is a comprehensive video below on what’s going on behind net neutrality, if you need an in-depth primer. The last 10-15 minutes really hits it all home.

The question here is, “When has more government made things better?” I’ve never seen an answer that wasn’t “never.”

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