Fear and Loss of Freedom Are the Price of Empire

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(Truthstream Media.com) The cost-benefit analysis of constant war rates very low for our freedom and prosperity.

Why are Americans asked to live in fear as they go about their daily routines at shopping malls, on trains, buses and airplanes, and at special events like the Superbowl?

Why are so many hundreds of billions of dollars thrown at Homeland Security and other counter terrorism measures which make us less free? Why are so many trillions thrown at the war machine, while the wars themselves are no longer clearly won, or even defined?

There are many answers to these questions, but ultimately they are problems the leaders of this country have created… likely as steps toward insidious agendas for greater control, ultimately undermining our sovereignty for the benefit of the global and the profit of the de facto corporate oligarchy.

Nevertheless, the answer, even with respect to the obvious false flag events that have taken us there, are that these problems are our own making.

There is no need for empire building, no need to have created our own enemies, and no need to live in fear.

Yet, there we are…

It is clear that the American people can only live free again, and without constant fear of the boogie man, if the powers-that-shouldn’t-be in government are forced to yield on their perpetual war cycle and “stop antagonizing foreign populations that have never threatened us.”

Here’s a short passage from Sheldon Richman’s piece at Reason on domestic fear and empire:

If you find no other argument against American intervention abroad persuasive, how about this one? When the U.S. government invades and occupies other countries, or when it underwrites other governments’ invasions or oppression, the people in the victimized societies become angry enough to want and even to exact revenge—against Americans. Is the American empire worth that price?

We should ask ourselves this question in the wake of the weekend news that al-Shabaab, the militant Islamist organization that rules parts of Somalia ISIS-style, appeared to encourage attacks at American (and Canadian) shopping malls.

Maybe the Shabaab video was just a prank to scare us. Maybe it was an attempt to plant violent thoughts in the minds of Somalis living in the United States. No one believes that the organization itself is capable of attacking Americans where they live, but that doesn’t mean Shabaab-inspired violence is impossible.

At any rate, it’s unsettling to be advised to watch out for terrorism when we shop at the mall.

Here’s the thing: We don’t have to live this way. The empire is just not worth it. We must understand that people in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia who subscribe to fringe militant interpretations of Islam would not be wishing us harm except for the violence the U.S. government has inflicted or helped to inflict on Muslim societies for many decades. In fact, those militant interpretations wouldn’t be nearly so attractive without the American empire and its ally Israel.

Why won’t the media describe this context? It’s because their job, despite what they say, is to be the government’s megaphone, not its adversary.

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