The FBI ‘Keeps the Fear Alive’ to Justify Their Terror Budget

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(Truthstream Media)

The fact that the FBI actively organizes, provocateurs alleged suspects from the get go, and then foils almost every terror plot in this country is sadly nothing new. It’s just like any behemoth government bureaucracy — it has to find clever ways to justify its own existence.

But in case you just weren’t entirely sure on this point, here’s 24 seconds of YouTube worth watching wherein former FBI assistant director Thomas Fuentes openly admits that the agency needs to “keep fear alive” in order to justify its budget increases.

“If you’re submitting budget proposals… you’re not going to submit the proposal that we won the war on terror and everything’s great because the first thing that is going to happen is your budget is going to be cut in half…”

So it isn’t that we didn’t already know this — it’s just slightly different when we hear it out of the former assistant director’s own mouth.

We really are living through V for Vendetta and about 20 other dystopic films that used to be set in some far off future once upon a time…

This reminds me of when Bloomberg interviewed Dr. Ben Neuman of the University of Reading and he said there simply wasn’t enough panic to justify the creation of an Ebola vaccine. There sure is now.

Hat tip: Blacklisted News

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