When Libya, Genocidal Rhetoric Was an Excuse to Bomb; When Ukraine, Genocide No Deterrent to Full U.S. Support


Editor’s Note: The sad state of our official foreign policy is so much worse than hypocritical or duplicitous. This article dredges up the loose standards used to invade, bomb and destroy Libya and its leader Gaddafi, on the basis of flimsy and untrue claims of genocidal rhetoric. In the face of clear genocidal intentions on the part of Ukraine, however, nothing can stop Washington’s unwavering support for the proxy war against Russia and over energy resources in general.

Similarly, the likes of Sen. Ted Cruz have called for stripping “defectors who join ISIS” (or similar groups… oh golly, the slippery slope begins) of  American citizenship status, while the likes of Sen. Lindsey Graham have called for using the NDAA to deny legal representation and due process to suspected al Qaeda operatives (or literally any one else designated as an extremists under the NDAA).

Graham stated in a floor speech:  “To those American citizens thinking about helping al Qaeda. Please know what will come your way: death, detention, prosecution. And when they say ‘I want my lawyer, you tell them shut up. You don’t get a lawyer. You’re an enemy combatant.”

However, the same does not apply to the politicians and policy people in Washington who funded, trained and armed ISIS a.k.a. ISIL a.k.a. paid mercenaries, armed and back covertly, who stir up shit and justify a pretext for intervention.

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Though there is a pretty good case for it, no one in official Washington circles will be labeling Sen. John McCain as a “terrorist” for offering his support, nor revoking his citizenship, or denying him a lawyer in prison so they can waterboard him instead. There double standard is implicit in all this talk… it must support the power of the central State, not hold it to account.

 Washington’s Not-So-Faulty Logic: Back al Qaeda-Linked Rebels in Libya, Crush Non-al-Qaeda-linked Rebels in Ukraine

Originally posted by Washington’s Blog.

Washington Times is reporting on new revelations about Obama/Clinton’s illegal decision to kill people in Libya.

US intelligence, the top human rights groups, and scholars say Obama/Clinton’s claims of an impending “genocide” in Libya, the pretext for US planting and detonation of explosives in Libya, were unfounded.

The Times notes that the false claims were partially “rooted in Gadhafi’s Feb. 22, 2011, speech in which he pledged to “sanitize Libya an inch at a time” and “clear them of these rats.”


A month later, Gadhafi delivered another speech in which he made it clear that only those standing against him with arms would face reprisal.

“If you read [Gadhafi’s comments] closely, they were clearly directed only at the rebels who were going to stand and fight,” said Alan Kuperman, a public policy professor at the University of Texas who composed an exhaustive study on the Libyan civil war.

“If you threw down your weapons, you were considered harmless. If you ran away, you were considered harmless. And if you were just a civilian, you were considered harmless,” Mr. Kuperman said. “Rebels were going to be targeted, and those were the ‘rats’ he was talking about.”

The Times finally notes that “Mrs. Clinton’s defenders could argue that Americans will never know whether a genocide would have occurred because the U.S. did the right thing and intervened before it could happen.”

Anyone who has read widely on the current events of Ukraine knows that its government, up to the highest levels, contains Nazi-influenced militarists who use terms such as “sub-humans” and “cleaning”, referring to ethnically cleansing Eastern Ukraine.  Easterners have been referred to as “beetles” and killed en masse.  The government has been bombing these “rebel” areas for months.  (See reports on Ukraine by Eric Zuesse of Washington’s Blog or Robert Parry of Consortium News, and this report regarding Poroshenko’s Nazi influence, for specific instances of the use of such language and on US-backed ethnic cleansing/borderline genocide operations against the East.)

What we aren’t supposed to notice is that Washington just claimed to attack a government (Libya) because it made “genocidal” statements (debunked as not genocidal) towards rebels (largely affiliated with al Qaeda), and now Washington is backing a government making actual genocidal statements towards and massacring rebels (indeed, Washington is an accomplice and aggressor, having helped overthrow Ukraine’s democracy, with a larger goal of general expansionism).

If Russia makes the same arguments the US made about Libya but applies them to the regime in Kiev, Ukraine, and decides to bomb Kiev, we aren’t supposed to accept those arguments, even though we were supposed to accept them when Washington made them about Libya, on weaker grounds.  Likewise, we would be chastised for granting credulity to Russia “defenders [who] argue[d] that [Russians] will never know whether a genocide would have occurred because [Russia] did the right thing and intervened before it could happen.”

In cases of US aggression, we aren’t supposed to call for international law to be applied and for Barack, Hillary, George, Bill, and all their minions to be put, no doubt kicking and screaming, before an international tribunal.

But if Russia uses Washington’s own arguments for bombing Libya, which work better in the case of Ukraine, to bomb Kiev, then we are supposed to call for international law to be applied.

One might be inclined to think there was no logic to this, but on second thought the logic is perfectly clear: criminals enriching and empowering themselves by looting and purging the world of deterrents don’t aid in their own trial and imprisonment.  They try to get away with everything they do.  Justice is left up to people who care about curbing ongoing and projected war crimes committed by the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”, our “own government”, which “test[s] out [its] latest weapons” on “peasants”, “just as the Germans tested out new medicine and new tortures in the concentration camps of Europe” (MLK, Jr.).

(Also see Why Libya?: “Human rights organisations … discovered that there was no evidence for several highly publicised atrocities supposedly carried out by Gaddafi’s forces…”)

Robert Barsocchini is an internationally published researcher and writer who focuses on global force dynamics and writes professionally for the film industry.  He is a regular contributor to  Washington’s Blog.  Follow Robert and his UK-based colleague, Dean Robinson, on Twitter.

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