UK Now Being Overrun by Two-Year Old “Criminals”

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(Truthstream It seems too strange to be true, yet the UK is now addressing a “crime wave” by children so young they are aren’t even in preschool yet.

Police – apparently bolstered by public support – claim new laws are needed  to deal with children as young as two engaged in vandalism, theft, drug use, rape and even “causing racially or religiously aggravated public fear.”

The Daily Mail reports:

Official crime statistics reveal how suspects as young as two years old were picked up by police officers.

Alarmingly, crimes reached a four-year high in 2014, with 1,713 recorded. Offences included fire-raising, possession of drugs, violence and causing racially or religiously aggravated public fear.


The crimes apparently committed by children too young for primary school are among more than 5,000 offences by youngsters aged eight and younger.


At present, the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is 10, which means there is nothing police can do… ‘Crime victims who are affected by serious crimes committed by the under 10’s are often left devastated by the fact that they will not be part of the Criminal Justice System and are often left with no knowledge of how the offender is being managed following serious crimes.’

WTF?! How can society have really reached this point? Why are adults in the comments demanding new laws to deal with toddler crime? Where are the parents, and what happened to handling bad behavior with a time out rather than a police visit, anyway?

Apparently under this literal “nanny state” where offenders are still in diapers, the whole of society will itself become a prison and common sense will be outlawed until it becomes extinct.

H/t Stephen Turner.

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