Photobomb: Maybe Bill Clinton Smiling and Standing Behind Anything Is Creepy?

Box Of Fail

by Melissa Melton | Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

Last week I wrote an article, “Viral Pic of Bill Clinton Creeping on Long-Time Friend’s Daughter Creeps People Out” wherein I discussed the fact that the picture of Bill Clinton smiling and standing behind his long-time friend’s daughter in this particular picture was indeed creeping people out all over social media.


Why? People have listed lots of different reasons, but mine happens to be because he’s known her since she was like 11…


And because it’s Bill Clinton, well…that’s just icky in my humble opinion. I only found out later from a Facebook friend that less than 48 hours after the picture on the left was taken, Andrea Catsimatidis, the 24-year-old daughter of the billionaire grocer and failed NYC mayoral candidate, filed for divorce from Christopher Nixon Cox, President Richard Nixon’s grandson. Small world (thanks Samuel Keith!) Anyway, I ended my original article with, “For the record, you could probably put Bill Clinton standing and smiling like that behind basically anything and it’d be creepy. Let’s test that theory, shall we?”


“Yep, still works.” And it did.

But… I wondered.

Would it still work with other pictures as well?

Is Bill Clinton standing and smiling behind anything truly creepy?

Let’s find out.

Mad scientist’s lab?


Ruining Joe Biden’s photo op (again):




Abe Lincoln?


Wagging the Dog?


Church Lady?


Anime Forest?


Oh, c’mon, not the unicorns—


Bohemian Grove?


Wait a minute —


Okay, now that’s just too far.


Waaaaaaaay too far.

I would officially like to apologize for putting you through that, and most especially for that last one. You really shouldn’t have had to see that.

Happy Consumer Holidays,

Melissa M.

Editor’s Note: The Daily Sheeple would like to stress that the views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of this website or anyone anywhere who wanted to preserve their brains from having Bill Clinton-related nightmares. Thank you.

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