Wow, These Americans Just Love Themselves Some Secret Torture


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[readolog_dropcap ]T[/readolog_dropcap]he long-awaited, stalled-at-every-turn, heavily edited and redacted CIA torture report summary has now been released, and even CNN is reporting, “The CIA’s harsh interrogations of terrorist detainees during the Bush era didn’t work, were more brutal than previously revealed and delivered no ‘ticking time bomb’ information that prevented an attack, according to an explosive Senate report released Tuesday.

Ahead of the release, the call-in question on CSPAN’s Washington Journal today was “Should the Senate release its report on the use of torture?” but for a bunch of callers it turned into a soap box for every propaganda point you can imagine about why torture is simply the greatest thing since sliced bread and America just has to commit heinous and disgusting war crimes to “protect America.”

It’s enough to make you physically sick. The video above isn’t clips edited together from some poorly written comedy film created in the mind of a sociopathic screenwriter with a cringe-inducing sense of humor and utter lack of any social filter…this really happened today.

People really said these things. Out loud. On a national program where thousands of other people would hear it.

The argument (read:wishful thinking) could be made that everyone who called into CSPAN pro-torture this morning are all establishment shills, but with multiple polls showing torture favoritism, somehow (sadly) I doubt it… I’ve even heard teachers at my kid’s old school justify these heinous acts if it’s for “fighting the terrorists.”

Tonight WashPo put up the article “Let’s not kid ourselves: Most Americans are fine with torture, even when you call it ‘torture’.”

Is this the Jack Bauer Effect in action? Has the propaganda effectively sunk in? Has post-9/11 America truly become desensitized to torture? Is this because your brain can only be shocked by something it has never experienced before, and once you have witnessed these awful things even if it is only on TV or in pictures, you are less likely to respond emotionally the next time?

Gee, so war crimes no longer exist?

I guess “Because ‘Merica, that’s why.”

Again, the idea that systematic torture can somehow be justified, is legal or even that it gains valuable information is all 100% government prop-a-gan-da, America. Period.

Considering the NDAA declared America part of the battlefield, these pro-torture people need to realize just how close that battlefield actually is to them, and their family and friends.

Oh, by the way, as angry as some of these callers got about any government transparency on this, they don’t seem to realize that not only did the CIA go so far as to hack Senate computers (which Director John Brennan later admitted he lied about), but the agency spent some $40 million dollars to suppress the 6,000-page report which won’t even be made public in the end anyway.

(Besides, everyone knows it isn’t like any of this is what actually goes on in the underground black sites…)

Hat tip: Lawrence Boyer

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