Take Your Seats, Ladies & Gents: Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement Set for 8pm CST


[readolog_dropcap ]H[/readolog_dropcap]eads up! They’ve primed everyone, positioned the chess pieces and now they’ve even announced a TIME to announce the decision! Eight pm CST. This is too unreal, like watching a movie…and people think it’s real. I wish everyone would stop letting this system push their buttons, put down their weapons, turn their backs on this whole orchestrated agenda and GO HOME. Screw this police state!

by Melissa Melton
Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

Watch the verdict live here.

The media is going haywire with reports that the Darren Wilson grand jury has reached a decision in the Michael Brown shooting. Ferguson has been put so far on edge at this point, it’s a wonder the city hasn’t fallen off the cliff yet.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who preemptively declared a state of emergency and called out the National Guard last week before anything had even been decided, held a press conference just a little bit ago where he was entirely evasive about the police presence and response to what’s about to go down there tonight.

When asked how many National Guard are on standby, Nixon gave the vague non-answer of, “We will have guard resource here that will play a support role.” When asked if the use of armored vehicles and tear gas had been ruled out, Nixon replied, “I’m not going to get into operations.” (Via Fox2 St. Louis)

Live video feeds like this one show people lining the streets already. The cops have stocked up on $200,000 worth of riot gear and less-lethal weapons. In fact, the police have already said they fully expect riots no matter what the grand jury decides.

In short, it’s on.

Protests are planned for not just Missouri, but 82 cities across the entire country shortly after the decision is official (and there’s even one planned for Toronto, Canada). Obama even made sure to touch base with every major civil rights group in the U.S. over Ferguson. Department of Homeland Security officers have been spotted in nearby St. Louis hotels in droves under the guise of a highly coincidental “training” (an excuse no one is buying). The government even sent 100 FBI agents to St. Louis just yesterday ahead of the official announcement.

Everything is set to explode, like a nuclear weapon got dropped on a warehouse full of AquaNet hairspray.

But even more bizarre perhaps is that the government and it’s bought-and-paid-for mainstream media have been priming this pump for weeks on end and now literally set a time for the impending detonation.

Eight pm CST.

The grand jury announcement will be made at 8pm CST tonight, ostensibly so that local kids can make it home from school and most people can get home from work… It makes sense, right?

And yet, the whole thing just feels so utterly, completely, totally, thoroughly and altogether…staged.

Like everyone has taken their places, the audience has taken their seats, and it’s curtain time. Last call to go out to the lobby if you haven’t purchased your concessions. Like it’s a football game or a musical or a planned, highly coordinated flash mob.

Everyone has their chess pieces positioned on the board. The cops are locked and loaded. The citizens are, too. Everyone is set up in their places, ready to play their roles in what will surely be tonight’s highly televised show. Somewhere else in the background something really important is happening and while we’re all being distracted by the right hand, whatever the left had is doing is certainly worse.

This has been a highly manipulated event, from the top down. And, at 8 pm, it’s go time.

It’s chaos and division, on demand. When did we go back in time to Rome? No, here’s a better question: who, ultimately, is pulling the strings?

“Fear is a very powerful weapon, it catalyzes, it causes division, it can be used as an excuse to remove even more civil liberties. Make no mistake America, there are reasons the media are portraying this, in this particular light. You are ALL being manipulated.” (random commenter)

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