Obvious Advanced Knowledge of Ferguson Grand Jury Decision, So Why Act Surprised?


(Truthstream Media)

FOLLOW UP: Ferguson Prove Predictive Programming Works

While I was watching the supposedly “live” feed from Clayton, MO where the St. Louis Prosecutor was set to release the announcement of the grand jury’s decision, I noticed Drudge Report already had a link to a USA Today article declaring no charges…the story with the no verdict went out a full 15 minutes before the prosecutor’s “live” press conference announcing it.

OBVIOUSLY the media and others had advanced notice here.

In fact, right on cue after the decision was “officially announced,” someone set a police car on fire.

Via Kev Baker, one of our fellow hosts on Truth Frequency Radio:

But if everyone knew the verdict already, why bother to wait?

Truthstream FB Friend Craig Wood reported, “At approximately 9pm as seen on live footage Ferguson police started an advance and started gassing and firing rubber bullets at a relatively peaceful crowd. The advance continues as I make this post.”

Again, if everyone already knew the verdict, why literally set a time for the rioting to begin? (Then, with National Guard, 100 FBI agents, myriad DHS agents and the full brunt of local law enforcement standing by, just let the town burn as they knew it would?)

This whole thing is more staged than a Broadway show, and apparently the singing and dancing has already begun.

For more on who is pulling the strings in Ferguson:

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