Did Smokey the Bear Brainwash You to Accept Agenda 21?


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[readolog_dropcap ]R[/readolog_dropcap]ecently, we stumbled across some old commercials for Smokey the Bear – the iconic Forest Fire Council ads produced by our own government via the National Ad Council.

On top of warning that “Only You! Can Prevent Forest Fires,” (complete with a giant, shovel-wielding bear) many of these PSAs carried a dark and ominous tone – even scathing of humanity and their footprint on the earth.

And all that before Al Gore and the climate crusaders started blaming us all for AGW…

But why did Smokey take this tone with his young viewers, otherwise tuned into Saturday morning cartoons and mindless TV shows?

Could it be that the real agenda behind preventing forest fires is conditioning future generations to accept blame for damaging the earth and allowing trustees to takeover land – starting with the national parks and, of course, U.N. World Heritage Sites?

After all, the Ad Council was created by powerful businessmen in a public–private partnership with the government during World War II.

As others have argued, the United Nations and international involvement in preserving important sites – arranged via the 1972 World Heritage Treaty – amounts to a loss of sovereignty, and the ownership of America’s most treasured landmarks and parks rest, ultimately, not with The People. Meanwhile, the 1972 United Nations Earth Summit set the tone for what has now been two generations of global environmental control rationales.

And while many now recognize the encroachment on sovereignty through Agenda 21, and its aims to control and penalize human behavior (especially when it comes to limiting humanity’s use of nature), few have connected it with the peaceful, splendorous and unassuming U.S. National Parks and Forests.

But a critical look at the themes behind Smokey the Bear (and countless other forms of propaganda) reveal a consistent theme, warning humans to be “hands off” with the land.

A lot of the Smokey ads we found from the 1970s paint man as “the most terrifying sound in the forest,” label “anyone who handles fire in any form” as a potential killer (Jungle Book, anyone?), and further blames families for living too near to the forests.

In one ad, the camera zooms in on a little paper doll of a child on fire and zooms out to show the rest of his little paper family burnt or engulfed in flames while an ominous piano plays in the background.

I know, it is all just fun and games, and Smokey the Bear is just a cute animated spokesperson for a no-brainer good cause…right?

Dr. Michael Coffman, an expert who attended the Agenda 21 meetings during the 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity and related United Nations Rio Summit, created a “Simulated Reserve and Corridor System to Protect Biodiversity” Map (see below) to outline the threat to human civilization as we know it.

According to Dr. Coffman, the powers-that-be intend to make vast tracts of U.S. land “off limits” to human habitation and heavily restrict access to many areas even for recreational use.

As the Canadian Press outlines:

[readolog_blockquote ]

The mandate of the Convention of Biological Diversity draws buffer zones, core reserves and corridors to protect biodiversity. Areas in green will allow housing. Areas in yellow will be buffer zones, highly regulated with no homes and possible hiking. Red areas will be core reserves and corridors off-limits to human access and human habitation. There is already limited use of red areas via no management or resource harvesting through Wilderness, Critical Habitat, and Roadless Areas.

Dr. Coffman’s map also includes the Border 21/La Paz Sidebar Agreement of NAFTA, 120 mile wide international zone of cooperation, and Indian and military reservations.


Of course, this also ties in significantly with the larger plan to restrict resources available to humans, charge a premium for utilities and services and severely reduce population through drops in the fertility rate and imposed fertility restrictions.

Way off in the backdrop of all of this is the formative role played by globalist engineers in the creation of our national parks.

PBS’ infamous documentary maker, Ken Burns, profiled the role of John D. Rockefeller and other elites in creating national parks, park museums and other related infrastructure in his series “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”

The program’s own episode guide at PBS.org states:


In Wyoming, John D. Rockefeller Jr. begins quietly buying up land in the Teton Mountain Range and valley in a secret plan to donate it to the government as a park.

The president [Franklin D. Roosevelt] also is subjected to a storm of criticism for expanding the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming by accepting a gift of land secretly purchased by John D. Rockefeller Jr.


Further, numerous elites surrounding the creation of the Sierra Club played roles in park creation across the nation. Most notable was John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, the so-called “Father of National Parks” and friend to such wealthy figures as Edward H. Harriman (whom he wrote a book about).

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