George Bush Sr. Once Publicly Referred to His Son Jeb’s Kids as “The Little Brown Ones”

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by Melissa Melton
Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

The race card gets thrown around all the time lately in our ever more politically correct society and especially in politics, but this particular comment I saw buried in a Washington Post article is worth noting in a headline.

If you haven’t heard, Jeb Bush is dancing around with the idea of running for office in 2016. And today, his Hispanic son George P. Bush is expected to win election in Texas and take office for the first time.

Earlier last week the big, dazzling announcement (that’s sarcasm) came that the Bush clan (dynasty) is rallying around Jeb Bush to run. By all accounts, we’re about to see the creeping horror of a Jeb vs. Hillary 2016 ticket, but as previously reported, a vote for these people (no matter what Libertarian-lite candidate they toss Jeb’s way as window dressing) will be a vote for the corporate interests these people equally represent, and chiefly the continuance of the North American Union (NAU) at the behest of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Jeb’s son, George P. Bush, is set to take the seat of Land Commissioner in Texas, a position he campaigned for in a giant bus as if he was gearing up to run for president himself (the Bush family has only been grooming him for that job since he was 12, debuting him at the 1988 Republican National Convention). The position will give the 4th generation of the Bush dynasty a front row seat in furthering the NAU along.


As previously reported, “The little known George P. Bush (from the powerful Bush Dynasty) is rising to political power in Texas on his ‘Hispanic’ credentials. His rising star is a Trojan Horse towards stopping a ‘Blue State’ from emerging in Texas, swinging potentially Democratic voters back to the GOP, while priming the Southwest for the immigration reforms designed by his father Jeb Bush at the Council on Foreign Relations – in turn part of the larger plan to usher in a North American Union and seize vast land areas for the planned Trans-Texas Corridor which will fast-track NAFTA-on-steroids global trade.”

George P. is the Chairman Emeritus of Maverick PAC, a political action committee for engaging next-gen Republican voters. He is also on the board of directors for the Hispanic Republicans of Texas. In addition, he’s been working really hard to align himself with the Tea Party/Libertarian stance, endorsing people like Ted Cruz and meeting with Senator Rand Paul to discuss Hispanic outreach.

The plan — to woo minorities over to the GOP which will ultimately become the Bush camp again for Jeb and again in the future for George P. — is all coming together nicely for the Bushes, it seems.

Meanwhile, as we now see the GOP trying to draw in Hispanic voters and George P. Bush being set up as an iconic face lure them in, isn’t it ironic that the WP buried this little Bush family heirloom in an article about how George P. Bush “represents an opportunity to rebrand the Bushes.”

Via Washington Post:


He stands out in another way: In a state with rapidly changing demographics, George P. is the only Republican running for a top statewide office this year who is not a white male, Jones noted. (His grandfather once caused a flap by introducing George P. and his siblings to President Ronald Reagan as “Jebby’s kids from Florida, the little brown ones.”)

Nice, right?

The word racism gets thrown around so lightly these days, but if this isn’t the very definition of it, then you tell me what is.

And at this late hour, do we even have to go into the horrid history of the Bush family in relation to racism and the general raping of America?

The Skull and Bones ties? (Activist historian and author Webster Griffin Tarpley, who wrote the book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, actually titled his Skull and Bones chapter: “Skull and Bones: The Racist Nightmare at Yale.”)

The Nazi banking ties? (Fun fact: George P. Bush was named after Sen. Prescott S. Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush, who was a partner at Union Banking Corporation – a bank that had its assets frozen under the 1942 Trading With the Enemy Act for financing Hitler and the Nazis.)

The family ties to population control against ethnic groups like Native Americans during the ’70s and ’80s?

The creation of the CIA, anyone?

Oh, and who could forget that video of George W. Bush wiping his hand off on Bill Clinton’s shirt after he shook hands with the Haitian people?

This list could go on and on and on ad nauseum.

We need more Bushes in positions of political power (again, that was sarcasm.)

Have fun fooling minority voters and “rebranding” all that, George P.

I feel sorry for anyone who buys it. Like anyone in this family knows what it’s actually like to be a “minority” anyway. They are some of the most elitist people in the nation.

Watch what happens when a Hispanic activist (Texas resident and Mexican national Hector Cubillos of confronts George P. Bush for exploiting his Hispanic credentials to gain office in Texas.

While today the Bushes are emphasizing the Hispanic Republican vote — a move some have actually branded as “Hispandering” for what has been called out as the blatant pandering it is — this is the same family with members who publicly use racist phrases like “the little brown ones.”

If that’s how Bush Sr. regards a member of his own blood family…how do you think they honestly feel about the rest of America’s minorities they continually seek power over?

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