Free Psychic Midterm Election Prediction!


By my astute friend Angela Trapani Anzalotti

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and make an elections prediction….the Republicans will regain the majority.

How do I know, you ask?

Because that’s how it ALWAYS goes. The Dems get in, piss everyone off for a while and get booted out. Then the Repubs get in, piss everyone off for a while, and get booted out…a display of perpetual, political ping-pong, if you will. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the passion, work and efforts of my fellow Americans, some of whom I know personally and respect, deeply…your hearts are in the right place and at least you’re “active” in the political realm. (No need to mention names, you guys know who you are.) We go through this ritual again and again, election after election, decade after decade, in a vain effort to change the direction we are headed in. But we just keep spiraling down.

I personally am EXTREMELY worried about the my children’s futures as Americans. (I’m worried for your children too.) I’ve seen the wealth of this nation (to include YOUR personal purchasing power), get plundered on increasingly outrageous levels, under BOTH parties. If you would like to argue with me or are ignorant about this, I would LOVE to educate you on the topic, as it is one I’ve followed and researched EXTENSIVELY for nearly a decade now.

If you don’t know how our non-representing representatives have allowed Wall Street, bankers and several other sanctioned criminal entities, to ROB YOU and your progeny (for who knows how many generations into the future) to the tune of 1.6 QUADRILLION DOLLARS thus far (and still going by the way), please, let me explain it to you…I promise I will do so in layman’s terms.

I’ve seen the rights that belong to every American in EVERY generation, (natural rights that we have inherently because we are human and NOT because they are “granted” to us by the government), get stomped on, infringed upon, disrespected, and in several cases, completely obliterated, by the refusal of non-representing representatives to DO THEIR JOBS, honor their oaths, execute the will of the people, and protect their rights.

For decades now, we have been in a steady decline. It grieves me to say that despite the lofty pretension of our election cycles, all the citizenry have gotten in this country, is a theatrical plethora of broken promises and a steady stream of BS rhetoric. Unfortunately, the state of this once great nation, testifies to the affirmative in this regard.

So my question is, are we really focusing our efforts and our resources in the right direction when we support the hopelessly broken two-party system? Don’t we have enough of a backbone as a people who are losing everything that’s worth anything, to figure out how to effectively CLEAN HOUSE, FIRE the two groups of THUGS that are squatting in our houses, FIX the BROKEN election system, and put some folks in charge that aren’t completely bought off?

I mean, we DO have numbers on our side here…there are a lot more of us than there are of them, so what the hell is the problem? Seriously….WHAT????

I know, I know….the candidate you’re busting your hump to support is different. They’re the REAL deal, they can part the waters, forgive sins…and they’re going to do whatever it takes to set things right….right? Wrong.

While it’s true that there are a lot of good people who run for office and try to effect change for the better, it rarely works, when it does, it rarely lasts, and when they get in, they are rarely able to stay in without being targeted for harassment…..sometimes worse. But usually, all that ceases to even be a threat when they learn just how much money they can make participating in the insider trading that Congress has legalized…just for themselves, of course. Or they discover just how lucrative it is selling out to the lobbies and the fat cats. When those things aren’t enough to tempt the truly determined candidate to veer from their righteous course….then manipulation, threats and blackmail are what’s for dinner and WE paid for the privilege of that ability with the vast domestic spying panopticon that our NON REPRESENTING REPRESENTATIVES ALLOWED TO BE ERECTED. Without debate. Against the will of the MAJORITY of Americans. Get you some.

But you got your “I Voted” sticker and pat on the head….don’t you feel good?!

Come on….I’m ready for the onslaught from the holy rollers of the Church of Divine Elections! Don’t be scared….I’m just a girl in your world.

P.S. from Melissa: And if you think midterms are bad with all the voter fraud and fakery, just wait until the creeping horror of Jeb vs. Hillary 2016 gets here!

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