F*ck Feminists Who Pimp Little Girls to Promote an Agenda

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Yeah, I said it. Right there in the headline. I figure if grown women can encourage children to drop f-bombs on video for their “cause” then it’s only reasonable to respond to them in a language they can understand. (I deeply apologize to readers who are offended by this, but please bear with me – there’s a reason for it.)

Are you offended? I’m offended too. And horrified. And irate. And yearning to take those little girls back to my house and just let them be little girls, for crying out loud.  While these children should be having tea parties, catching lightning bugs, and playing on the swingset, they’ve been pimped out to make a point.

Radical feminism has plumbed new depths with a video exploiting little girls in order to make their point.

Warning: Profanity from children

This is not how you empower women. This is not how you turn a little girl into a strong woman. In what world could one possibly think that dressing up a child, coaching them to swear, and filling them with anger is a way to make things better? Since when did whining about life not being fair ever make you a stronger, more deserving person? If you don’t like your life, your job, your relationship…it’s your responsibility to do something about it. You don’t just cry, cuss, and demand a new set of rules.

You want strong girls?

Then take my advice. Advice that comes from a single mom raising two girls whose father has passed away. So really, REALLY single. A mom who ran an automotive repair shop for years, working with a bunch of awesome guys in a male-dominated industry, without any special treatment, bonus vagina-based incentives, or affirmative action. A mom who had that job because she simply worked hard, treated others with respect, and earned it. A mom with intelligent, independent, competent, and kind daughters.

Empower your girls by teaching them how to take control of their own lives

  • Teach them not to be victims.
  • Teach them not to be ashamed of being who they are, whether they are frilly pink-clad princesses or sports-jersey wearing tomboys.
  • Teach them to change their own tires instead of needing someone to do it for them.
  • Teach them to use weapons.
  • Teach them to defend themselves, both physically and with words.
  • Teach them that men and boys are not the enemy.
  • Teach them to take active personal responsibility for their lives, instead of looking for a man to blame.
  • Teach them that equality is different – radically different – from superiority.
  • Teach them that they don’t need to be rescued.
  • Teach them they don’t need a “movement” to take control of their own lives, they simply need to do it.
  • Teach them to abhor special treatment based on their gender.
  • Teach them not to play the blame game, but to pull up their socks and push harder for what they want.
  • Teach them to make wise choices to keep themselves safe.
  • Teach them to earn respect and equality, instead of having it legislated.

This video is not about feminism, it’s about sexism, the very thing they purport to be against. It’s anger. It’s a cry for attention. It’s a plea from women who actually don’t measure up, demanding special treatment.  These are the type of women who cannot understand the feeling of victory you get when you earn something fair and square. Women who want a separate set of rules that skews the game. Where the HELL is the victory in that? How can you call it equality when you haven’t earned it, but had the results skewed by some kind of government mandated vagina handicap points system?

Well, I have some foul language of my own.

F*ck all of you so-called feminists who exploit children. You don’t know the first thing about being strong, independent women.

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