Our Interview with The Liberty Brothers


Last week we talked with The Liberty Brothers Jim and Jason about a whole bunch of stuff, from the Ebola Scare to the New World Order, and the Georgia Guidestones to and the poisons in our water, food and air…and much more. These two are great guys!!

Full interview description from their site below the vid. Check them out live Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2—4pm MST at freedomslips.com.

As the numbers for mainstream media continue to falter, the opportunity for those laboring in the sphere of alternative media to make an impact has grown dramatically. There are many Americans who know that something is amiss, and that corporate media tows the government line. It’s these individuals, and a growing number of Americans just like them, who are tuning in to other sources besides the mainstream for information. Many fine internet journalists have risen to the occasion and filled the void for honest reportage’. Two such reporters are Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes, and their superb news organization, Truthstream Media.

As my co-host, Jason, and I are big fans of Truthstream Media and its founders, we were delighted when they graciously accepted our invitation to appear on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show late last week. We had both of them for a full, 2-hour show, but could have talked for another hour or two with ease. We discussed vaccines, the Guidestones, Bill Gates, eugenics and much more.

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