Vaccine Wars: The Censoring of Rob Schneider

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Editor’s Note: This world is so screwed up. By now it should be glaringly clear that anyone who has any critical thinking skills whatsoever or dares to step even half a millimeter outside the norm gets publicly crucified. Why don’t more people see that for what it truly is and question it? Come on people. We can do better than to just be a bunch of docile, gullible, pliant sheep hopelessly passing our time in the grassland away…

Jon Rappoport

Yesterday, I reported on State Farm dropping Rob Schneider from their TV ads because he’s alerted people to vaccine dangers.

Because he has a view about vaccines that departs from the norm.

“Punch a hole in consensus reality and you can’t be a spokesman for our products.”

“Cause a ripple among the sleeping populace and you’re out.”

What’s next?

Well, I’ll tell you what could be next, based on the fact that the Internet runs via an interlocking system of commercial companies.

Some companies that facilitate emails to large lists, and website hosts, to say nothing of Facebook, which is already censoring information, could decide, under pressure, or voluntarily, to close down “controversial data.”

A soft version of this is simply shunting emails whose subject lines contain “trigger words” into spam or trash of the recipient.

And what better subject to strangle than vaccination, which the medical-industrial complex ceaselessly promotes as absolutely necessary for the “humane” protection of humankind.

Pro-vaccine loons and fanatics of every stripe would welcome this kind of censorship with religious fervor.

For them, “everybody knows” vaccines are a wondrous miracle of modern science; and in order to shield children (who are already vaccinated and thus immune, but somehow still vulnerable) from unvaccinated devil-spawn, the whole of planet Earth must be jabbed.

Alien/ET comes down from his ship, observes, and reports back:

“They appear to have a Church of Injection. The ritual involves sending germs, metals, and toxic chemicals into the blood.

“They believe this wards off disease. The injections change the body’s response-pattern, so that certain symptoms will henceforth be stifled. This is called ‘immunity.’ Of course, as a result of the needle ritual, new symptoms will appear, and they catalog them under other disease-labels. They fail to see this as a problem. Or perhaps their high priests want to cause the problem…”

What will happen to Schneider’s career now remains to be seen. Will he get a modified free pass as an amusing Hollyweird type who, like Jenny McCarthy and Suzanne Somers, unaccountably “mouths off about modern medicine?”

Surely, he’ll get his share of: “the science proves he’s a menace to health.”

That’s the party line.

Media outlets are stacked with little loyalists who attach themselves to, and kiss the feet of, lying researchers.

I’m sure Schneider would be willing to engage in a reasonable discussion of his views on vaccines—but he is pre-judged for having those views in the first place.

In this war, the combination of a mainstream television news program and a talking doctor are supposed to produce, automatically, the ultimate truth.

“Tonight: a doctor says people who oppose vaccination are a danger to the community…”

The word from on high.

Or: “Tonight, a television news program and a staunch medical proponent of vaccines are a danger to the community…”

News corporations have determined that we can’t have both.


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