How Wearable Smart Tech Will Control Your Life


(Truthstream Media)

“Privacy? What’s that?”

In the future, we will never truly be “offline”.

IF you take your cues from propaganda outlets like TIME, wearable technology is what’s next in our lives and in a big way. Simply carrying around a cellphone — which is a really a complicated mini-computer in and of itself — won’t be fashionable or sensible for much longer.

As the likes of futurist Ray Kurzweil and others have long been predicting, wearable wrist-watch and eyeglass style wi-fi units (and eventually implantables) will be the new mediary between “Us” and “The Net.” From lulling us to sleep to waking us up, monitoring everything we are datawise including our heartbeats, calorie intake, hydration level and other vital stats to coaching our exercise to becoming an ever-mindful business secretary and digital wallet, these wearables will do more (and thus, invade our very existence) than SMART phones ever could…

They might even be the source of understanding your own body (and mind?) better than you ever tried to; likewise, these digital wi-fi connected devices will even be the source of data leaks to the very public life online that would reveal intimate data about every bit of “you” — making you easy prey to those who would track and control your life’s footprint, including marketing to you live-time “relevant” ads that might be too suggestive to be anything but eerie. (For example, does your heart rate swell when you are marketed a flashy sports car or desirable celebrity model? Your wearable shackle/companion/babysitter/informant will know too damn much, and likely be the first to broadcast it to everyone from corporations to online “friends.”)

You might even elect to send your heartbeat to a friend as some sort of ill-conceived sentimental gesture. That’s the personal side of future living that already plans to track your usages (and let energy companies exploit them for pricing) of individual household SMART appliances (toasters, refrigerators, washing machines) and even your trashcan (to see how much to charge for your wasteful habits).

Geez, the future is getting very strange indeed… this brave new world is not only invasive but passive aggressive to boot.

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