The Brave New World Beyond Ebola, Depopulation and Total Control


Vaccine Makers Sick Depopulation Joke, Ebola & Brave New World with Aaron Dykes/Melissa Melton on the Kev Baker Show


Aaron and Melissa appear on the Kev Baker Show, an alternative media activist based in Glasgow, Scotland and on Truth Frequency Radio to discuss the mindset and known comments of leading biowarfare researchers, including a biotech professor behind the Ebola drug treatments and potential vaccines – as well as the broader Eugenics philosophy shared by many of the architects of the new global order:

Bertrand Russell: The Impact of Science on Society
Aldous Huxley – Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited
Julian Huxley – UNESCO: Its Purpose and Philosophy
Ray Kurzweil – The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
Truthstream Media: Scientist Working on Gov’t Ebola Drug Joked About Culling Population with GMO Virus

Kev, John & Martin are immensely proud to present special guests Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton of . Team KBS will be asking all about the recent video Aaron & Melissa put out that showed the attitude of the experts in charge of making vaccines, and their views on depopulation.

The conversations then leads into subjects such as the ebola virus, the insanity of the scientific elite, agenda 21, smart cities, transhumanism , socia media and so much more!

What comes out of all of this is a dystopian future akin to that depicted in Brave New World.

Kev Baker has been on the front lines since 2009. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Kev was recently featured in VICE magazine as a front-line consultant and expert on activist groups in the United Kingdom. You can listen to Kev Baker on AM/FM in Colorado, Oregan, California, Sydney and London or tune into any of the TFR internet streams or listening options.

Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-hosts Johnny Whistles and Martin Hardy, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism.

Seeking the answers to age old questions and dechipering the world around you painted by the mainstream media.. this is the Kev Baker Show!

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