Truthstream Launches New Show: Investigative Journalism, Analysis and Humor



In this inaugural episode, Truthstream News’ Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton present a different kind of “news” – surrounding by “olds” (history and analysis to give you better context) as well as hard hitting investigative pieces and ripe humor about the dismal state of politics and modern culture.

Please watch and share:Truthstream News Episode One: New World Disorder

Episode One is New World Disorder, breaking down the underlying and under-reported factors behind the intensifying global chaos unfolding in Iraq, the Middle East, the Ukraine, the resurgent Cold War with Russia and beyond. What has been missing from coverage of these crises is their place in geopolitics – history that is driving current and future events. It is all part of a “long game” to build empires, redraw the map and use conflict as a means to an end via the Hegelian Dialectic — Order Out of Chaos.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Melissa go boldly into the face of modern dust bowl conditions to visit a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) in North Texas to see first hand how the food supply is raised. In sometimes harrowing footage, they witness the compact conditions in which thousands upon thousands of cattle are raised to provide cheap meat to the population. Surrounded by literal mountains of dung buried under tires and miles of less than serene landscape, these cattle, like millions of others in America, are fattened on taxpayer subsidized GMO corn and grown bigger with the help of antibiotics and hormones. Worse, these concentrated conditions are said to be a breeding ground for disease, and a major source of polluted runoff with major impact upon the environment. Is this food ethical to eat? The answer to that question remains up to you, but don’t miss this compelling footage…

Also in this episode, a satirical look at your Agenda 21 future, where modern people learn to adjust to smaller spaces and happier – albeit more vapid and sedated – lives. Later, Melissa speaks with the late (great?) LBJ about his legacy in the wake of the JFK assassination and the Vietnam War, while Aaron runs into his local congressman, Rep. Lloyd Doggett in the middle of Austin gridlock traffic. The pro-Obamacare Congressman’s rude response is laughable, but appropriate to the state of divisive modern politics.

Episode One: New World Disorder covers:
– Ebola Fear Porn as its own epidemic
– The “Return” of the Iraq War (That Never Ended)
– The Vision to Map a New Middle East
– The Cold War (Volume II)
– The Ukraine Gas Shell Game
– The “Olds”: How Spykman’s Rimland Keeps War Going
– Revealed: Why We Have Perpetual Wars Across the Globe
– Prepping for the Agenda 21 Future: Better Living Through Smaller Spaces
– Letters to the New World Order
– Phone to the President: LBJ Real Audio Confession
– Fun Times Driving With Your Local Congressional Representative
– Investigative Special Report: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)… Are We Allowed to See How Our Food Is Raised?


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