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Editor’s Note: Here’s an alternate perspective on the “border crisis” from an angle many people likely don’t consider. To highlight the point, consider the $3.7 billion the White House has asked for in “emergency funding” for the “humanitarian crisis” that the government’s own recently released data suggests the White House knew was coming for at least a year. Some $225 million of that money will actually go to Israel for it’s already operational Iron Dome missile defense system. Additionally, a large portion of the money will be spent to build more FEMA detention centers (camps) even though we already have 600 around the nation that aren’t being utilized, resulting in bigger government and a bigger police state.

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(This is a reply I wrote to a listener’s e-mail that I thought would be worth making public. Of course, I won’t post the original e-mail or the person who sent it, but I think the reply is worth a read.)

Thanks for reaching out. It’s a very complicated situation for sure. I just don’t believe anyone has a right to tell another human being where they can and cannot go (barring personal private property of course). Because if I’m OK with another person being told where they can and cannot go, then I have to be OK with me being told where I can and cannot go, and I’m not OK with that.

If you’re really concerned about your taxes, don’t worry. The average American pays less than $7 per year into the welfare system. Most of your tax money is being sent overseas and put into the pockets of bankers. Before we start blaming poor people for the economic problem, we really should do something about the rich people robbing us. With what we spend in military actions against other countries alone, we could feed, cloth and house every man woman and child in the world and still have plenty left over to give every American a base salary based on a percentage of the nations profits/resources. So really, when you say we cannot afford this it’s a fallacious argument meant to divert the blame by rich people who are robbing you so you don’t point the finger at them.

But I don’t understand how all of these “illegals” are getting welfare. My friend is an immigrant and she can’t even get a drivers license, much less any kind of government assistance. She doesn’t get anything period because the laws all require proof of lawful residency to get any kind of assistance. She drives around in fear that men with guns will hold her at gun point and separate her from her husband. That’s no way for anyone to live.

So when you say we have a “border crisis”, it just doesn’t compute to me how 65,000 children can rob us of our nation’s wealth when two F16’s (worth $350 million) could feed, cloth and house all of those kids for 5 years. Plus, that’s not to mention that these kids were most likely kidnapped and being sold into sex slavery. So if you’re really financially motivated, don’t worry because kids yield between $20,000-$100,000 in adoption fees for the state and even more from those who are buying them as sex slaves. If you’re really that far removed from humanity then you have nothing to worry about because these kids will pay for themselves.

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