Meet your crony Congress: This rep is a one-stop shop for corporate interests



Meet Your Crony Congress: Like countless other politicians, an examination of their connections suggest Rep. Rosa DeLauro & globalist consultant hubby serve corporate America, not the people.

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro — one of Capitol Hill’s wealthiest reps and seemingly always in tow with Nancy Pelosi — is more than just your go-along pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare Democrat. Instead, she is a mouthpiece and funding-funnel for corporatist and party causes of all sorts, completed by her husband, Stan Greenberg, a top consultant and partner to dozens of top politicians and perhaps hundreds of leading global multinational firms.

Their ties to corporate interests seem absolutely endless. Conflicts of interest abound — whether it is the Congresswoman’s introducing the biotech-friendly Food & Safety Modernization Act of 2009 (while her husband Greenberg consulted for Monsanto), or her staunch support for taxpayer-funded abortions under ObamaCare (while her husband represents several health care providers) or simply their extended ties to the power structure of the Democratic party (after all, Greenberg helped make Bill Clinton shine).

Just another flavor of the endless corruption that is Washington, and a classic argument for restraints of all kinds — term limits, campaign financing, corporate interference in a fascist-leaning country and the undue influence of special interests — this husband and wife duo have literally done it all.

Take a look at Stan Greenberg’s client list at the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner research firm he founded. (Keep in mind that Greenberg clients like Business for Social Responsibility in turn represent a consortium of several hundred corporations, further extending his multinational network).


Or the complaints about his benefiting from multi-million dollar contracts advising the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, for which his wife DeLauro is a steering committee member. When Greenberg stokes the image of the Democratic Party, or the dozens of high-level candidates he has advised, are we to think this is out of step with the larger globalist agenda?

The interlock between multinational corporate interest and the power bloc in Washington is deeply connected indeed, and here lies a one-stop shop in the DeLauro/Greenberg family. Of course, deep pockets have long ago bought out most of Washington’s players, but herein lies an apt example of how many ties one representative can have.

Unfortunately, feeding at the trough is just the kind of crony behavior that Congress and their powerful friends are known for. It is hard to image how it could be in the best interests of the American people, though I suppose that much is surely a foregone conclusion.


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