Are they wagging the dog?



Let’s get real conspiratorial for a second —

If this was a mid-air missile strike, quick question: where is the smoke? Any smoke? From the missile? From the strike? From the plane? Left in the air? Anything…?

Also, what is this guy doing walking around the fresh crash site with a handful of intact, unscathed passports that look brand spanking new? That video was only played on loop for B roll on all major news networks repeatedly all day…

Or here’s a conspiracy theory for you: What if the missing Malaysian plane from march (MH370) somehow is the one that was “shot down” over Ukraine today in some Jerry Bruckheimeresque 24-hour news cycle stage show to dazzle the masses into believing the official story?

That’ll make your head spin for a minute.

Of course, what do we know. We’re just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists over here…

Meanwhile, in other news, Israel’s IDF has launched a brutal ground offensive on Gaza, leaving some 260 Palestinians dead — at least 80% of them civilians including innocent women, young children and babies, and elderly people.

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