Are the Feds Staging a Border Clash Bigger than Bundy Ranch?



The border crisis is still escalating, with likely bigger events ahead.

With the Obama Administration how maneuvering to use a “humanitarian” pretext to give refuge to thousands of Central American children, hundreds of protesters stationed in Murrieta, California are preventing busloads of migrants from entering Federal government administered facilities.

The feds are responding by bringing riot police to Marietta – sure to intensify the scene, all while media voices are labeling pro-Constitutional border groups as ‘anti-government extremists,’ ‘hate groups’ and marking them as potentially violent.

Armed with flagrant and perhaps irresponsible statements from a few individuals, and a lexicon on terms used to marginalize so-called “patriots” “oath keepers” and “three percenters,” an effort is underway to frame the debate according to its most extreme and branded participants.

The Bundy Ranch standoff reached an inflamed crescendo back in April with armed patriot militias defying and ultimately driving off the feds – led by the Bureau of Land Management – in an event that roared through the media and is now drawing comparisons to the looming border showdown between citizen groups and the heavily-criticized authorities of the Federal government.

Now, the border situation – against the backdrop of the Obama Administration’s amnesty plans for illegal immigrants (as well as matching plans from Jeb Bush and others in the GOP) – promises to be even more dramatic and potentially inflammatory, especially if any provocateurs show up (as the Millers did at Bundy’s ranch) to take things too far and garner the outrage of the pseudo-slumbering Sheeple who might clamor for a more reasonable, ‘loving’ and ‘humanitarian’ approach to immigration.

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