A Case Against Fed Land “Management”


By Joe Joseph
Contributing Writer

Life, at times, can be extremely difficult. For those that are parents, you have a special appreciation for this very unavoidable fact. Humanity, throughout history, has always gravitated towards collectivism, either through good intentions, or nefarious agendas. The reasons are many, but a very large part of this is because humanity has lost sight of what mutual respect and personal responsibility really mean. We have become very prejudicial because everybody seems to think they know what is best for someone else. The historic record is a testament to the fact that people tend to want to take the easy way out in the hopes that the easy road will lessen the burdens of life’s more difficult or time consuming aspects.

From time to time, I will get a question along the lines of: “Well without government, wouldn’t there be anarchy?”, or “What would you prefer, the Wild West?” The answer to both questions is NO! The first questions always evokes the same response from me; “Don’t we have anarchy right now?” The “deer in the headlights” look inevitably follows. Ask yourself a simple question and you’d be amazed at how many people know the answer, but choose to ignore it, because to do so is easier. Does the rule of law apply to everyone from the very top to the very bottom? It doesn’t matter what country you live in, what social class you belong to, or what ethnicity you are. We all know the answer. We live in societies with perceivedrule of law. In reality, the rules only apply to the “common people.” Society’s political and financial “elite” however, seem to live quite comfortably above the law.

The United States is a Republic that was founded on the principles of individual sovereignty (with emphasis on personal property rights) and a small government under the authority and control of the people. The Constitution reminds Americans that their rights are Natural rights given to all people by their Creator. Of course, Natural rights are by no means limited to Americans. All humans are created with free will, which means that we are all equally free and sovereign individuals that have a right to live according to the dictates of our conscience, as long as we don’t infringe on the rights or property of another. It’s the Universal Natural Law.

In the United States, we have the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that literally makes arbitrary rules and arbitrary changes to existing rules, that enables them to abuse your property rights. Let’s be clear about why we are seeing a display of ever increasing audacity and encroachment on individual sovereignty. It’s happening because for years, people have taken the easy way out.

This was posted on Northeast Shooters from the Twitter account “Glitch Girl”:


The Federal government in 8 years paid farmers over one thousand times the amount that they say Bundy owes them (1M) over a twenty year period. And for what did the federal government pay these for farmers to do? It paid them to NOT farm.

From a GAO report:

“Cumulatively, USDA paid $10.6 billion—almost one-fourth of total direct payments from 2003 through 2011—to producers who did not, in a given year, plant any of the crop for which they had base acres. Specifically, during this period, producers cumulatively did not plant more than 633 million acres…”

The entire tract of land in dispute – even if Bundy were using it all, which he was not – is 600 thousand acres, which is .0009 the size of the land mass that the Federal government, in its infinite wisdom, paid over eight years 1000 times MORE to farmers to sit and watch television than they allege Bundy owes to them for grazing fees on otherwise useless, arid land.

Let’s review:

10.6 BILLION wasted US taxpayer dollars given to farmers to watch TV in eight years.

1 million (alleged) over 20 years in back grazing fees.

That’s 132.5 MILLION per year wasted by the Feds on the farm subsidies


$50K per year for Bundy’s back fees.

Those are undeniable GAO figures broken down for you by me, in terms that the liberal cannot understand and will never understand. Still, the figures bring lucidity to the schizophrenic leftist argument that the Bundy’s and innocent citizens deserve to have alleged bills collected by the Federal government while staring down the muzzle of Rem700 .308 sniper rifles, grenade launchers, gas launchers, M4’s and shotguns – all of which are undeniably pictured pointing directly at the crowd of innocent Patriots acting in defense of their Constitutionally protected rights.

And all this force over a piece of land which is 1/1000 the size of production crop land that the Federal government allows to go to waste by not being farmed every single year that it pays 132.5 million dollars to let stand unproductive.


The United States no longer resembles the America that the Founders established. We are seeing an alarming decline in personal liberty and Constitutionally protected rights. There is outright disdain by the government for privacy and the intrusions that we are seeing into our personal lives is an affront to the sensibilities, to say the least. The “Nanny State” is completely out of control because we tolerate it. It’s easier to “let someone else deal with it” than it is to get involved and stay involved.

I will share some unpleasant personal experience I have with how the out of control “Nanny State” has intruded into areas of life where their detrimental presence has caused unfathomable injustice, suffering and cruelty. I would even go as far as to say, human rights abuses that should probably be addressed before the International Court of Justice (also known as the “ICJ” or “World Court”).

My wife has suffered with pretty serious chronic pain thanks to the traumatic birth of our second daughter. She suffered a debilitating, permanent injury to the Symphysis Pubis ligament, which is the ligament located in the front of the pelvis and holds the pelvic bones together. This has caused pelvic instability and serious problems with her hips and the sacroiliac joints in the back. It’s complicated and there’s more to it, but that’s the brief explanation of the situation. It’s virtually inoperable, it’s not reversible and it doesn’t get better with age. Thanks to a pretty serious kidney condition that she was born with, her blood albumin levels are low. This causes a very high resistance to medications. All medications. Antibiotics, analgesics, NSAID’s, you name it. I mention that condition because it can require unusually high doses of medications to treat these problems. She’s survived many nearly fatal kidney infections that were extremely difficult to treat because of this resistance to medication, in this case, antibiotics. That also unfortunately applies to analgesics (or opioid based pain meds). You can actually see the effects of severe pain in the monitoring of vital signs. The heart rate increases dramatically, as does the blood pressure. Her doctors and I bear witness to the ungodly doses of analgesics that it took to bring her vitals back to within normal range, during some of her many hospitalizations.

Our experiences with her health issues have exposed us to the ridiculously hostile environment that surrounds the medical establishment when it comes to dealing with scheduled medications. Because the DEA has intruded into the doctor/patient relationship in the name of “public safety”, there has been a virtual flood of unintended consequences that has created such a hostile atmosphere, that millions of chronic pain sufferers have been made to endure what can only accurately be described as human rights abuses. What else would you call it when there is a perfectly safe and effective treatment and the people in society who need it most either can’t get it or are made to suffer all kinds of degrading and dehumanizing treatment in order to access it?

Gestapo tactics by the DEA have given rise to monstrosities like the “Prescription Monitoring Program” and the use of “Pain Management Contracts” that require suffering people to literally sign away their rights and agree to be treated like criminals as a condition for being able to obtain the analgesic medications that are needed so that they may function, without which, the mundane activities of normal daily life become impossible.

Because doctors are in constant fear of being targeted by the DEA for “overprescribing” medication, some of the archaic conditions that chronic pain sufferers have to agree to include drug screening instituted in such a manner that guilt is assumed and the patient must prove themselves innocent in regard to the use of illicit drugs or “misuse” of prescribed ones, in order to receive their medication. The doctor can at any time and for any reason (or no reason at all), abruptly stop treating the patient if they violate any one of the numerous arbitrary conditions that they have to agree to in order to receive treatment that may include analgesic medications. If the patient is honest with the doctor and tells them that their pain is not being controlled sufficiently, they call it “drug seeking behavior” and if they feel their doctor is not a good fit or their needs aren’t being adequately addressed and seek a better doctor, they call it “doctor shopping.” These “labels” are exclusively applied only to people who are on scheduled medications.

Obviously, they are completely counter-intuitive. Patients can also be “blacklisted” if they are dismissed by one or more doctors (for any reason) and are then put into a position where they literally cannot get treated. This is a disgusting, inhumane crisis that desperately needs resolving. Obviously, patients with really severe and degenerative conditions that require increasingly high doses of analgesics for long periods of time, like my wife, are viewed by doctors as a “liability” and many doctors would rather find a reason to dismiss or not treat the patient, than to have to deal with the kind of heavy duty prescribing that draws excess scrutiny from the DEA. Understandably, covering their own butts takes precedence over the patients needs. After all, they do have their own families to feed and provide for as well as exorbitant educational loans to pay off and practices to maintain. Yet another ridiculous condition seen in some of these “contracts” require the patient to consent to come into the doctor’s office at a moment’s notice to have their pills counted or prescriptions inventoried (or submit a urinalysis), even when there is no scheduled appointment.

The DEA has single-handedly created a situation where instead of healing and care giving, you have a situation where, to the doctor, the patient is the enemy and vice versa. The doctor/patient relationship is no longer sacred and beneficial, but instead has become a battlefield in the bogus “War on Drugs.” There are all kinds of other injustices and degradations that already suffering people have foisted upon them, that to list them all would take more time and space than we have here.

The result of all this “Nanny State” absurdity and abuse, is that many people who are already suffering either cannot get treatment, or are grossly under-treated and are even psychologically abused. This is a human injustice that I struggle to comprehend. Since when is it acceptable to abuse the most weak and vulnerable members of society? Is it better that people suffer needlessly because some people may abuse a substance? Really?

Do we own our own bodies or not? The DEA has absolutely NO business being involved in the doctor/patient relationship at all. There is an enormously, disproportionately higher degree of bad than good that comes from such a situation.

The DEA is constantly struggling to justify its enormous budget. One of the more creative ways they go about doing that is by this targeting of doctors and patients and treating them as criminals. Why? Because it’s easy. They are the “low hanging fruit” if you will. There is a paper trail that is a lot easier to take advantage of than going out into the streets and fighting their “drug war” against substances they deem “illicit.” Both history and academia have taught us that prohibition doesn’t work. There will always be the “bad apples” or people who choose to abuse substances. And they will always find ways to do it whether it’s legal or not. Frankly, it’s a person’s right to decide what they do and do not want to put into their bodies. Fundamentally, it’s a rights abuse issue and passing laws will never stop those who are determined to break them. What we are talking about here, whether it’s the BLM, the DEA or any number of other government bureaucracies, ultimately comes down to property rights. Be it physical property or your very own body, it’s your personal property rights that are being trampled here.

What ever happened to personal responsibility? Whatever happened to holding people personally accountable when they do something wrong? Why do we (Humanity) always punish the whole for the wrongs of a few? Why does Humanity always look to government to solve their problems, when government is at the very heart of society’s biggest failures? When will Humanity wake up?

The fight for humanity is built on activism, love, mutual respect, personal responsibility and self-sacrifice. There is going to come a time in the very near future where Humanity will have some very hard choices to make. Will be divided by our own egos, our own ignorance, and our own insecurities, or will we come together as one people against the very people who seek to enslave humanity because they know what’s best for us? There is an awakening underway that cannot be stopped. We must fight against the concept that we know what is best for our neighbor and instead embrace each other’s beliefs, differences, and individuality.

We must hold those who violate our human rights and property rights consistently responsible. Only then will we find life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Joe Joseph is the host of The Freedom Link from 7-9 pm CST Monday through Friday on Truth Frequency Radio.

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