Domed Future: “Climate-Controlled” Cities to Stop Global Warming



It’s the ultimate control grid, and some see it as the solution to climate change concerns – living in “climate-controlled mega-cities.”

Populations, their behavior and consumption and the very air they breathe could all be controlled via closely-managed city centers that would be scientifically tweaked to meet the latest demands of climate change, global warming, or other environmental crises.

Could such an Agenda 21 future – where global “sustainability” means behavior modification under artificial scarcity economics and compact city populations – go so far as to encompass sci-fi-esque “Dome Cities”?

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Perhaps, if you read into the latest proposals by anti-global warming crusader James Lovelock, who told the London Telegraph that saving the whole globe from warming catastrophe was essentially ‘too little too late’ and that instead local cities and states should towards “climate controlled cities” to protect against temperature fluctuations and capricious environmental conditions.

Lovelock wrote:

“We may have wasted valuable time, energy and resources by trying to grapple with climate change on a global scale.”

“In a changing climate cities are most less vulnerable to external heat than our individuals. If most of us lived in cities, as it seems we soon will do, the regulation of the climate of these cities might be far easier, more economic and safer option in a hot climate than the regulation by geoengineering of the whole planet.”

This vision of the future bears an eerie resemblance to the dystopic film Z.P.G.: Zero Population Growth, where populations are forced to live in dome cities to survive extreme smog conditions, and are forbidden from having any children due to the limited resources imposed by humanity’s globally managed response to climate change:

Z.P.G.: Zero Population Growth (1972) (Trailer):

The obscure eugenics-overlord cult film Zardoz (1974), which featured dome cities and Hunger Games-like district force-field barriers:


And the classic Logan’s Run (1976) which featured dome cities and a death cult that commits mass-suicide at age 30 to keep the population down:


And many others which have depicted a dystopic future of societal control through extraction from the natural environment.



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