State Dept. “Missing” $6 Billion Under Secretary Hillary Clinton



So, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and presidential expectant ‘hopeful’) is one of the most scandal-ridden figures in recent history, but she was allowed to head the State Dept. with no Inspector General oversight for 5 years… and now there’s $6 billion missing and unaccounted for?

The latest news in government fraud & waste points to an odd if not suspicious lapse of 5 years of the Obama Administration’s State Dept. during which there was no Inspector General overseeing official expenditures and during which more than $6 billion went unaccounted for.

The entire time that Hillary Clinton – one of the most scandal-ridden and allegedly corrupt figures of recent memory – was Secretary of State, the State Dept. had no one officially holding it accountable. The nation’s foremost foreign policy arm had not even the pretense of someone guarding the hen house in a world filled with foxes and wolves.

It was not until more than six months after John Kerry took the post that Steve A. Linick took the job – here’s what he’s turned up so far…

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