Flashback: Evil Sickos Being Evil Sickos


Originally published on the earliest version of Truthstream Media on May 28, 2012.

(Warning, this post is graphic.)

First we have this:

See anything wrong here?

Many of you who have been to my blog before know how strongly I oppose our unconstitutional drone wars that have murdered thousands of innocent people (or what Defense Secretary Leon Panetta dismisses as a “rare” 13%).

Well, here’s our president casually JOKING about that. It’s funny, right?

How is anyone in this country still legitimately confused about why the rest of the world holds such great disdain for America and its foreign (empire-building) policies?

Quick question, do you think the families of the murdered innocent (babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly, whole families) think this is in any way even remotely funny? Laughable? Humorous? Fodder for a lame punch line at a White House correspondents dinner?

Figures have been released to suggest one in three killed in Pakistan drone attacks are innocent civilians.

Perhaps Mr. Obama has never seen the pictures of the collateral damage i.e. — innocent babies who were droned to death. I’m pretty sure none of them are terrorists.

I can’t even bring myself to keep adding images to this, although there are SO MANY out there. It’s horrible. It’s painful. It happens all the time.

Does this make any of you feel safer against drone bombed “suspected militants” who have had no trial because some guy in our government said so based on…? That seems just and fair.

Should someone who publicly jokes about predator drones have the power to decide who lives or dies by one? AND OUR PRESIDENT HAS APPROVED 30,000 DRONES TO BE UNLEASHED OVER AMERICAN SKIES! Makes you feel all secure, doesn’t it?

Sure. Go ahead and tell yourself they won’t be weaponized (even though some of them already are).

Next we have this:

Whatever your feelings are on Gaddafi, this is disgusting.

Following Gaddafi’s death, the Libya rebels the UN/NATO/US put in to power there after Gaddafi spent months indiscriminately rounding up, torturing, interning, and killing Libya’s African population based solely on their skin color. So that’s better for Libya, huh? Ethnic cleansing?

Explain to me the logic behind “Widespread crimes against humanity are more humanitarian.”

(Click to enlarge.)

So, let me get this straight:

  • Al Qaeda-connected terrorists who were blamed for 9/11 attacks = bad.
  • Al Qaeda-connected rebels the US helps take over Libya for our own interests and who end up ethnic cleansing the African population there = good?

And here is our Secretary of State laughing it up at the news that someone was murdered. She practically bounced out of her seat with joy! That was her immediate reaction. Gaddafi was lynched, by the way, by those same “humanitarian” rebels. I’m pretty sure lynching someone after he surrenders is a war crime.

I don’t care who was murdered. I don’t care if Hitler was murdered. What kind of person has an automatic reaction to laugh it up with sheer glee at the news of someone’s gruesome death? Anyone’s death?

Oh, I know who!

psy·cho·path  (sk-pth)


A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

Evil sickos. It’s pretty simple.

People in power positions who can kill people at a whim and who make jokes about killing people and laugh it up about murder and death are evil sickos.

But hey, vote Obama again because he supports your healthcare plan paying for birth control or the fact that he tosses out a hollow gesture to the homosexual community regarding gay marriage during a re-election year.

That makes total sense.

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