Hey Look! It’s That Little American “Farm” Where Your Cheese Comes From

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(Truthstream Media.com)

You know those packages of cheese or gallons of milk sold at the average American grocery store with the little icon of a nice, inviting red barn on them that just screams “ALL NATURAL” at you?

One wistful glance and you can almost picture the little old lady churning your butter there by hand.

Well, in reality, this is an example of little American “farm” where your cheese actually comes from:

Forget the barn: it’s giant, industrial factories with barbed wire around them (to keep the cheese from escaping?).

As we sat filming this place for a solid 15 minutes, it was astounding to watch just how many tanker trucks came in and out of there in such a short span of time. Upon further research, we found out that nearly 4 billion pounds of milk and almost 400 million pounds of cheese are processed a year in just this one facility alone.

The reality is, our food system in this country has become so centralized and so industrialized — and we’ve grown so disconnected from it — that most of us have no idea what’s actually going on with what’s going into our mouths.

The bottom line? The more centralized our food becomes, the less control we have over what we eat.

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