Sightseeing with the Family in America: LBJ’s Boyhood Home



Look kids! It’s our U.S. heritage! See the humble roots of where an American president started his life!

Here’s where a scum bag, murderer, scum bag, liar, cheat who became president. Before he lived in the White House, he lived here!

Yes, we visited the prestigious and historic boyhood home of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, better known as LBJ. He launched the country full force into the Vietnam War, and played a crucial role in the cover-up of the JFK assassination and smooth transition into rule by the shadow government.

Before that he blatantly stole the election for his U.S. Senate seat in 1948 – so much so that historians even openly admit it was rigged by stuffing the ballot.

Leading up to the presidency, LBJ was allegedly running a Texas crime syndicate, complete with high level political connections! How’s that for power kids? Two of LBJ’s closest associates were Billy Sol Estes – convicted for fraud and conspiracy over a land scheme – and Malcolm Wallace – a convicted murderer and accused hit man that Estes claims LBJ hired to commit at least 8 murders, including his own sister Josefa Johnson! Wow! American history!

Estes claims another LBJ directed murder was Henry Marshall who was investigating Estes’ land scheme and too “stupid” to take a bribe and promotion in Washington, D.C. – the nation’s capitol for corruption! While working for LBJ, who was then a powerful U.S. Senator in 1951, Malcolm Wallace even murdered John Kinser, who had an affair with LBJ’s sister and owed him money! Wallace was even convicted of “murder with malice afore-thought” but sentenced to only five years after political pressure (from you can guess who). Even LBJ’s own sister Josefa Johnson was allegedly murdered by Wallace.

Few dispute that LBJ – honored here as a Texas boy who rose to power in the greatest nation in the world – was thoroughly corrupt. There is a substantial case that LBJ was complicit with the conspiracy to kill JFK and clearly was willing to make a bargain for the highest office in the land. (But the real power resides in those who were in a position to make this credible and carry out foreign policy for less visible powers.) Check out the censored History Channel episode ‘The Guilty Men’ from their controversial series The Men Who Killed Kennedy:

Kennedy Assassination – Lyndon Johnson Killed JFK – The Men Who Killed Kennedy

LBJ reportedly told his mistress Madeleine Brown the night before the JFK assassination that “Those Kennedy’s will never embarrass me again. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.”

Just think kids! Even you could be president – that is, if you’re ambitious enough, and willing to do whatever it takes!

Work hard, stay in school, and make the right connections… who knows, maybe someday you could have historical sites and museums named after you too! Ah… America

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