Bread and Circus USA: Sports Bar’s Infinite Number of TV Screens Lull Masses to Sleep


(Truthstream A quick out-and-about observation and yet another sign of the times in hypnotized America: this sports bar has its patrons soooo entranced that one could hardly even count the number of TV screens — even when driving by from the road. Who knows how bad it must be inside. The place appears covered wall-to-wall and must have every conceivable angle covered twice over — filled to the brim with mindless entertainment, and anything but what is relevant and really happening in America.

Sure, there’s no economic depression going on around us. Buck up, buddy and watch the game.

Just as Rome before its long collapse, the USA has its general population gorging on bread and circuses – only today’s opiate of the masses includes MSG* and chemical filled “foods” and electronic signals that daze viewers and make them even more suggestible and programmable… I’ve seen TV stores with fewer television sets.

*MSG, more formally known as mono-sodium glutamate, is frequently hidden on food labels under more than three dozen trade names; it allows cheap, bland and nutritionally void food to be passed off as tasty, and even addictive. Moreover, its free glutamate acts as an excitotoxin, imbalancing blood sugar and spiking the brain with literal neurotoxic overload and brain cell damage.

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